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Nice Girls Only!

Girl That You Marry
Bossard and Boll

WorldCat describes this book this way: “Explains the physical and psychological uniqueness of girls, their moods and actions, and their needs and expectations in marriage.”  I’m sure a 1960 book about girls’ needs and expectations in marriage is perfectly suitable for a junior high library in 2010, no?


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  • My high school library had this book as late as 2000. It was already hilarious then.

  • Awesome!

    And hey, it probably isn’t as bad as Cosmo in terms of how realistic it is…

  • I would be a horrible 60’s wife… I pity the poor fool who reads that and thinks that it still applies.

  • That horrible fontface immediately makes this look like a 60s period sitcom titlescreen. Even if it wasn’t suspicious on account of age, that immediately makes me want to reject it for something “serious”.

  • This book is a perfect addition to the famous series “The Books that you Weed”!

  • It looks like a spin-off of the Mary Tyler-Moore show… get it.. marry/Mary.. huh, funny stuff!

  • The scary part is that it is written by “doctors”

  • The question is when did any teen aged boy care about the “needs and expectations” of a girl? Not in 1960 or now.

  • Part me of me kind of wants it, sounds awesome!! I have a book from the 50s (personal collection) about how to please your man (not sexually, but with cooking and keeping a clean house). Love that stuff, super entertaining. Especially when you take into account that my husband is a stay at home dad and does a lot of the laundry and cleaning!!

  • Love the “That Girl” font. (I know I’m dating myself with that reference.)

  • Ha! I wonder what my husband would think if that book, or what the writers would think of me and my husband. We met on a Harley run, and we were discussing zombie movies. But we are a match made in heaven, solid respectable hardworking people, just a little weird.

  • You know, I can’t help but wonder if that book was even all that relevant in the 60s, let alone today. I find most books have us women 100% wrong, even when written by women!

  • That’s cause every woman is different, especially today. You just have to find that particular someone that’s right for you, not what society/your parents/your friends says is the “right kind of guy”.

  • There should be a Bacharach soundtrack?

  • There’s a part of me that dies a little inside everytime I realize we’re destroying a primary source. If my system were big enough to manage a storage/unusual resources collection, I’d reclassify titles under these as social history and send them safely there.

  • Have you found the companion book, “The Boy that You Marry” yet? Surely it’s a set!