Negroes in a Soviet America

Negroes in a Soviet AmericaThe Negroes in a Soviet America

Submitter: Time travel back to 1935 and Communism with this title. Found in my local library. I could see an argument for keeping this in a research or academic library. But a small urban library?

Holly: It’s so important to keep these materials. This is a viewpoint in history that probably not a lot of people are aware of. Does it belong on the regular old circulating non-fiction shelves in a small library? Probably not. Either catalog it as part of a special collection (and then archive and/or preserve it properly) or give it to a library that can.


The Negro in Capitalist America

The Race Criers: Black Patriotism

The Realization of Social Equity



  1. Wow! What a find! Definitely offer to a university or historical society. And what a facelift for your collection stats!

    1. yeah..i bet they would..they would most likely burn it because universities are in on the racial divide schemes.

  2. Actually, If I was a high-school student with an essay to write on the history of the civil rights movement, I would give my left nut for a piece of authentic period literature like this to mine for good quotes. Maybe stick it in the back room and pull it out for Black History Month?

    1. I have to ask, would a high school student be that scholarlyly [sic?] adept or inquisitive? I could see a college history major or black studies major doing it though.

    2. I’m guessing it’s been a while since you were in High School? I can’t even get High School students to check out books on the SATs anymore. If it’s not online, it isn’t real. Apart from that, High School teachers are essentially forbidden from assigning papers that require original research outside the assigned reading anymore.

      1. Personally, most physical materials are just too time consuming to GET. If I need to wait anywhere from a week to two weeks to two months for a hold to come? I don’t have that time. We use a lot of pdfs of textbooks, though, that the teachers provide.

  3. When I saw the title, I thought it was going to be some idiotic Red Scare racist dribble. I’m delighted to be wrong – this looks like a fascinating book.

  4. The kind of highschool student whose history teacher makes their class get an early start on learning the habits of highly effective college students, I guess. I was more lucky than I really understood at the time to have a teacher like that; he was constrained by the curriculum he was given to teach, but he still managed to give us a basic grounding in research methods.

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