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Nat Lib Wk 2015: So You Want to Be a Librarian

So You Want to Be a Librarian

Submitter: This book was at the small urban library in the next town over. From their careers section I bring you this time traveler So You Want to Be A Librarian. My colleagues and I got a chuckle at some of the advice given to future librarians. Not sure why they were holding on to this one for so long.

Holly: This book is so ridiculous that it hurts my feelings. I mean, someone was either really lazy about weeding to have left this relic on the shelf or really needs to read a more current book on librarianship so they know how to do their job. If it is meant for a historical collection, then put it in one.

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10 Responses to Nat Lib Wk 2015: So You Want to Be a Librarian

  • LOVE this from page 77: “Periodically, individual librarians become concerned with their public ‘image’ and pepper the professional press with either indignant or apologetic papers complaining of the lack of understanding of librarianship.” Nothing really changes but the seasons, does it?

  • We do have copies here, all in historical collections (whew!) But the circulating one went out this month. I wonder who checked it out.

  • Page 169 seems to have imagined GOogle and other search engines. Number 6 might require cooperation of either the patron, Facebook and/or the NSA though.

  • This IS terrible, but I found a book of a similar vintage (something like “Strategies for managing a public library”) on the giveaway table at my local library the day before interviewing for a job….managing a public library. I took it as a sign (and got the job!)

  • As archaic as it may seem, I had a nearly identical conversation with my (then-prospective) landlady when she found out I was moving to the area to take a position at the local college library: “A librarian?! I would love to have a librarian as my tenant!” I had already supplied contact information for references, but I don’t know if she checked them.

  • There’s a still popular juvenile novel called “So You Want to be a Wizard”; keep this somewhere on display so that readers who read that the in-universe book “So You Want to be a Wizard” looked just like one of the “So You Want to be a …” series, that that was a series in real life. I was never really sure.

    • I was about to say that!

      The Young Wizards is a YA series that has been around for a good 20 years, I believe now. Maybe the person who kept this read them and was amused by that.

  • Where’s my four week paid vacation? : ) And I had to laugh at the thought of the laundry service wanting to use Snow White as a trademark–I think Disney’s lawyers would have something to say about that. Too bad we still haven’t solved the critical storage problem. Maybe another 60 years will do it, after everything’s downloaded to our implants.

  • Ah yes, those drab shirtwaists we all wear! (p. 77)