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Naked Cooking

cooking in the nude cover

Cooking in the Nude
Cornwell and Cornwell

I guess we can rule out bacon as an ingredient in today’s cookbook. It really is just a basic cookbook with suggestive titles for recipes. Lots of “wink, wink, nudge,nudge” humor. Remember, safety first. Turn off that stove before you go “heat” up the kitchen. Get it?




A lick and a promise - a pantry

fooling around in the kitchen


12 Responses to Naked Cooking

  • (A year later out of the burn unit) “Remember that time we made flambe to get us in the mood?”

  • Gives a new meaning to “having one in the oven.”

  • My husband and I used to do naked Julia Child impressions while cooking (when we were first married). No tacky names for the dishes, though.

  • And not a single chapter on pasties…

  • Hm I’ll wait for their “Eating Pizza In Your Boxer Shorts” to come out

  • Oh. My. Gosh. It really does say “Quickies”. I thought I was misreading the author’s name (Quickles, perhaps?).

  • Thanks for this one – I just ordered one (used) copy from Amazon to give as a (silly) gift to my dearest! 🙂

  • “You Ate What?”

  • I’m really perplexed by their other title “Cooking In the Nude:For Golf Lovers” Begs the question, to golfers make better lovers? Am I missing out?

  • I am sometimes surprised by the English language.
    The chicken breasts above, that are supposed to be boned.
    At this stage, I am thinking about boners, and yeah, that would make an eh, interesting, sauce. Saucy, even.
    But no, when breasts are boned, they are actually deboned.

    Also, who owns a mallet these days?
    In what kitchen drawer are mallets stored? Og do they hang on the wall? Maybe on a butcher’s hook over the tiny kitchen island I made in my husband’s aquarium?

  • I think someone hacked this page. The first time I clicked on it I was sent to a spam website that tried to download software.