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Cooking in the Nude
Cornwell and Cornwell

I guess we can rule out bacon as an ingredient in today’s cookbook. It really is just a basic cookbook with suggestive titles for recipes. Lots of “wink, wink, nudge,nudge” humor. Remember, safety first. Turn off that stove before you go “heat” up the kitchen. Get it?




A lick and a promise - a pantry

fooling around in the kitchen



  1. (A year later out of the burn unit) “Remember that time we made flambe to get us in the mood?”

  2. Thanks for this one – I just ordered one (used) copy from Amazon to give as a (silly) gift to my dearest! 🙂

  3. I’m really perplexed by their other title “Cooking In the Nude:For Golf Lovers” Begs the question, to golfers make better lovers? Am I missing out?

  4. I am sometimes surprised by the English language.
    The chicken breasts above, that are supposed to be boned.
    At this stage, I am thinking about boners, and yeah, that would make an eh, interesting, sauce. Saucy, even.
    But no, when breasts are boned, they are actually deboned.

    Also, who owns a mallet these days?
    In what kitchen drawer are mallets stored? Og do they hang on the wall? Maybe on a butcher’s hook over the tiny kitchen island I made in my husband’s aquarium?

  5. I think someone hacked this page. The first time I clicked on it I was sent to a spam website that tried to download software.

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