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Today’s Friday Fiction is from the wonderful Eve Bunting. I used to read her stuff back in the 1970s (and I bet Holly read a bunch in the 80s).  She is a staple for any library collection.  I started poking through this one and actually read almost half before I took a break. It is still pretty compelling stuff.

Our teen protagonist, Cassie, is standing by while her mother becomes a surrogate for a childless couple. Cassie is pretty mortified and her “friends” essentially call Cassie’s mom a slut. All this is going on while Cassie is navigating a relationship with an older boy, struggling to find herself as an artist, and considering her future. In 1984, the topic of surrogacy was still controversial and rather new. As a counterpoint to the main plot, one of Cassie’s friends has two abortions and is in a relationship with a complete loser who is essentially using her for sex.


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Mother How Could You excerpt



  1. The girl’s a teen. It wouldn’t matter to her if her mother were pregnant as a surrogate, or having a biological sibling by her dad. She would still be horribly embarrassed by having a pregnant mother. My brother was 15 when I was born. I have heard all about his embarrassment of having an “old” pregnant mother!

    1. I guess it depends. My mother got pregnant with one of my siblings when I was 16 but no one gave me any flak about it. Might have been because there were four more between me and my youngest brother though.


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