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Puppet Making coverPuppet-Making

Submitter: The puppets in this book are the stuff of nightmares. The one positive thing I can say is that the directions and illustrations are clear and easy to follow, but this book is well overdue for an update.

Holly: Ohhhh, puppets. Our readers have strong feelings about them. Honestly, I’ve seen worse, but this is hanging out in a youth craft collection, so an update would be great. 1994 doesn’t seem so awfully long ago, but it was 23 years ago as of this writing. That’s a generation of people, so the kids it was purchased for are now bringing their kids to the library. That “Crown Prince” puppet, pictured below, looks like King Friday! Cute.

Also, what’s the guy with the arrow on the horse doing on the cover? That doesn’t seem to match the puppet theme.

Puppet making - the projects

milk carton puppet

Crown prince puppet

Finger Family puppets



  1. How can puppet-making need an “update?” This is a very nice book. I doubt many people look at a publication date when the book offers such large colorful photos of the step-by-steps. From just the few pages shared it looks like this book offers the most popular basic types, as well as at least one I’ve never seen (that recycled creature).

    The only thing I see keeping it from circulating is that many parents aren’t home to do these sort of things with their kids anymore. Or, when they are, they are not as engaged as they used to be.

  2. The horse guy is a shadow puppet. If you look closely, you can see the sticks attached to the bottom so he can be held up to a screen. But yeah, it’s a poorly composed photograph.

  3. The one with the plastic jug is actually clever. Not attractive, mind you, but it has all the right forehead lines.

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