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More Interwebs for Beginners

Wading the World Wide Web : Internet activities for beginners

Submitter: Ah, the ever popular technology choice: a book on the World Wide Web that’s more than a decade old! How many teachers are going to want a book that doesn’t mention Google, but includes detailed information on how a modem works?

Holly: Good grief.  There is no end to old computer books.  Yes, commenters, we know you love them.  Please do buy them in the book sale, yard sales, and eBay.  I’ll stand by the idea that they don’t belong in public libraries.

0 Responses to More Interwebs for Beginners

  • I just weeded computer books at my library. Out went the Windows 95 books. One gem Online Dating for Dummies circa 2002.

  • Old? This isn’t that old. The 1984 user guide for dBase II, that’s old. And it’s sitting here in the academic library where I work, because they won’t let us weed.

  • “Wading the Web” brings back memories. About the time this book was published I was running a component in my information skills classes called “Dog-paddling the Web”. It was for people who weren’t ready to surf.

  • I actually was assigned Info Work 3 homework using sources about “current attitudes toward the internet” over 10 years old. My answers in the assignment amounted to “this is a joke right?” still waiting to see my grade

  • The book looks well-used, at least. Not one of those pristine copies that confirms it’s never been used.