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More football

Football Talk for Beginners

Submitter: Maybe just a few rule changes in American football since 1970, first of all moving the goal posts 10-yrds back from goaline (We here in Canada still have the goalposts on the goalines. What can I say, we’re a tad slow with change!)  And dig the modern-looking goalposts used here, too.

Holly: Yes, this is definitely out of date!  Even if nothing had changed about football over the years, we can give our library patrons something better than this.

0 Responses to More football

  • It looks like something out of the IT Crowd episode where computer geeks Moss and Roy find a website with phrases to say so you can pretend you understand football, “you were saying football things in a football voice!”

  • I can’t even pretend to care about football… I have tried, just can’t.

  • Kickoff from the 40? In high school, maybe. NFL kicks off from the 30, CFL from the 35.

  • lizapest I am with you! I just can’t bring myself to care about football! If I wanted to learn about it, I would check at my local library so a good idea to pull this book so those as clueless as I am wouldn’t check it out.

  • I am deeply concerned about the proportions and anatomy of #7, the guy in red about to get tackled on the cover. For example, his left thigh is badly dislocated, and #79 hasn’t even hit him yet!

  • I do love the throwing technique of the QB!

  • Other than “Hut!” all the football talk goes on behind the coach’s clipboard!

  • Also, given the light direction (as seen in the highlight on the shiny chrome football), we ought to be able to see a bit of the QB’s face, but it just… isn’t… there. Was he horribly mangled by H.R. Giger on his way to the 30-yard line?

  • Ive no problem with a book on the subject…just let’s find one in this millennium. WEED me!

  • Is it just me or does #7 look like a humanized lizard/toad with a space helmet?

  • Uh…(shuffles feet)…um…I’m clueless about football. Actually could care less about the game but then there’s that pesky social issue with the Super Bowl and all and I sit there like a dolt, praying for another commercial break.

    Could I just pull the book out of the wastebasket for a bit? I promise to put it back in there afterward.

  • I like the explanation of football my dad told me years ago: “the object is to get the ball from one end of the cow pasture to the other without getting knocked down or stepping in something.”

  • The drawing style here is evocative of a whole age of gradeschool books for me. (Number 7 is at least animate. His teammate lying prone there, now he’s a worthy object of our concern. His right arm’s dislocated, it has to be.)

    The premise here is so winning, though. This tome doesn’t claim to be able to make us understand football, which after all is the most bureaucratic and least accessible sport going. No, it merely offers us some cover — a veneer of “talk” with which to pass ourselves off as interested.

  • My library (LMS @ an elementary school library) had this book when I started there 14 years ago!!
    My boss hates when I weed (esp. in years when budgets are tight), but I had NO problem weeding this!