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More Curing the Gay

Pursuing Sexual Wholeness
How Jesus Heals the Homosexual

Any of you interested in curing your gayness, this is your book! We have featured a LOT of anti-gay books here at ALB. This book is part personal confessional, anecdotes of others struggles and a lot of scripture. Evidently Comiskey was living a depraved life as a person that struggles with “same sex attraction”.  The usual tropes are brought out: abuse, distant father, unloving mother, etc. Read some of this stuff and you will cringe. By the way, Comiskey is still preaching about same sex attraction.


More Gay “Lifestyle”

You can “fix” your gay kids

Gayness Explained  (This title is unbelievable)

Curing the Gay Life

16 Responses to More Curing the Gay

  • Please tell me this wasn’t shelved in the “LGBT issues” section…

    • No, but I’ve seen other books about reparative therapy housed right along with books like The LGBT Survival Guide. It sends a really bad message to vulnerable LGBT kids, but what can you do? Librarians tend to be quite liberal when it comes to books, and asking for it to be shelved somewhere else might offend them.

  • The really sad thing is that there are still many people who believe in this.

  • This is not a bad book, but a very good one. People can and have changed their orientation, and it’s time this was accepted. Ex-gays are real and their voices should be heard. God can deliver a person from this sinful lifestyle, and people should stop being offended by truth and thinking right is wrong and wrong is right.

    • I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree on that one, Chimel.

    • ‘the vision of Christ that thou dost see / is my vision’s greatest enemy’ ….it was attitudes like yours that led to the recent death of Leelah Alcorn, too.

    • Don’t take this the wrong way, but if I believed in God, I’d tell Him that if he wants to dictate terms to me about my “sinful” lifestyle then He can bloody well run for office on that platform and see where it gets him.

    • If Christ was so anti-gay, how come He never mentioned it in the New Testament? There’s lots in there about holier-than-thou hypocrites, but nothing about homosexuality at all.

    • Being gay isn’t a sin. What IS a sin, however, is being hateful.

    • You can’t change how God made you. And BTW – Jesus Christ blessed a gay couple. That Roman solider who came looking to have his “slave” healed? That was his boyfriend, not his slave.

  • Oh dear……

  • What the hell? It would be funny if it weren’t so jawdroppingly, wierdo offensive

  • We live in a fallen world, we are broken people. We need the saviour, Jesus Christ.

  • Hopefully I don’t really need to post this, but in case I do, every professional psychotherapy organization (The American Psychological Association, American Psychiatric Association, American Counseling Association, American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, National Association of Social Workers, etc.) has come out against “Reparative Therapy” and considers it unethical to attempt to change a persons sexual orientation.