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More Celebrity Poetry

Just the Way I AmJust The Way I Am: Poetic Selections on “reasons to live, reasons to love and reasons to smile” from the songs of Dolly Parton

Submitter: Someone apparently checked this out along with a large amount of other love poetry books. I don’t know what to say – surely Dolly’s songs are still very popular and people obviously want this book, though this copy (one of three) has only circulated 56 times since being added. However, I couldn’t help but think this would go great with the Leonard Nimoy and Suzanne Somers poetry books.

Holly: A trifecta of celebrity poetry!  Who doesn’t love Dolly Parton, even if you aren’t into her music (or poetry)?  She’s just so sweet.   1979 is a bit outdated, though.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton - Contents

Introduction by Dolly Parton


Sample poetry

Sample poetry

12 Responses to More Celebrity Poetry

  • Wait, selections “from the songs of… “? What a rip-off.

    You can probably find all these lyrics online in today’s era.

  • For some real fun, check out Danielle Steele’s book of poetry. Due to PTSD, I can’t remember the title and can’t bear to look it up, but I’m sure any intrepid library staffer can find it.

    It is even worse than the stuff I wrote in my depressed college student phase.

  • This would go great with my copies of “This Ocean Charles” by Charles Barkley http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=003606 and “Dream Bubbles” by Charles Dutton. http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004886

  • Give Dolly a break. If you are going to weed do it on condition, that book is ratty.

  • By any chance were Leonard and Dolly’s book published by the same people or was various shades of citrus fruits just the color of choice for all celebrity poetry books in the 70s?

    @ Lissa: Ah, yes, I remember Danielle Steel’s book of poetry very well. Simply titled “Love” one of my friends in high school was just so emersed by this book that she checked out of, I believe, our school library. Never wanted to read the darn thing but the cover looks like this: http://www.amazon.com/Love-Poems-Danielle-Steel/dp/0440153778

  • “Jolene” is a ridiculously amazing song, but printed on the page, it does come across kind of silly.

  • Content aside, the layout, fonts, and two-color brown-and-orange printing scream 70s. The appearance isn’t going to attract many readers.

  • Sorry to get political, but 56 times? If this were a Harper Collins E-book, you would have to have bought this 3 times. In 2011, would you really be renewing your license to Just the Way I Am? That person who checked out all that love poetry would have been disappointed I am sure.

  • Doesn’t the exquisite irony of Dolly Parton, of all people, saying “just the way I am” (presumably this was prior to all the plastic surgeries) count for something?

  • Danielle’s is just “Love:Poems by Danielle Steel.”

  • After the baked goods government I thought the subtitle said “Poetic socialism from Dolly Parton”!

  • She forgot “I’m basting the chicken with my tears”.

    Or was that by Lurlene Lumpkin?