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Of course the official fruit of ALB is bananas, thanks to the post “Be Bold With Bananas.” (If you haven’t taken a look at this post you need to RIGHT NOW) Who knew that the banana had so much potential? In this publication, we have a “new” banana. (I am not sure what happened to the old banana other than turn brown.)

Today we have a lovely pro banana book from the early 1930s. Feast your eyes on the bacon wrapped banana and browse some recipes for banana sandwiches. Pretty darn bold, if you ask me.

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  1. Well, the Gros Michel type of banana died out, so what we’re eating now is a new banana, but that didn’t happen until the 50s, so it can’t be what this book is talking about…

  2. Some comments:
    1) Conversation started after being served bananas and bacon – “This is a joke, right?”
    2) Who knew that Herbert Hoover liked banana cake?
    3) I wonder if the Great Depression caused banana consumption to drop off sharply, hence the need for a promotional cookbook like this.

    1. I blame United Fruit Corporation. Gotta justify overthrowing all those Central American governments to keep the inconvenient labour laws suppressed somehow, right?

    1. I had no idea the banana-peanut butter sandwich went back that far. But, yuck — mayonnaise with peanut butter?? I once had lunch with a friend’s family and they served grilled peanut-butter-and mayonnaise sandwiches. It was horrifying. It tasted rancid to me, but they thought it was a treat. Odd. But that was the same family where the mother tidied up my friend’s room when I stayed overnight and put my cherished Blues at Newport (Newport Folk Festival 1963) LP on top of the radiator. It warped irreparably and I had to buy a new one. That really was a great album — Rev. Gary Davis, John Hammond, John Lee Hooker, Mississippi John Hurt, Brownie Terry & Sonny McGee… I should dig it out.

  3. Well, the old banana, the Gros Michel, was knocked off the market by Panama disease and replaced by the Cavendish, but that was about twenty years after this book was published.
    Kind of makes any pre-50s banana cookbook a good candidate for weeding, since you can’t really get the main ingredient they were using any more.

    1. Yeah, major missed opportunity with Captain America and Winter Soldier…they really should be seen at some point complaining about how bananas are different.

      1. That could have been on Cap’s list along with meat preparation, the polio vaccine, and the internet.

  4. mashed liverwurst, banana, and chili sauce sandwiches on buttered bread (and don’t forget to salt to taste) – This gives a whole new meaning to the “Fruit Dispatch Company”. I just know that would kill me.

  5. FDC evidently had a no-nonsense approach to world affairs in 1931, when already-sliced bread was hideously expansive — If the depression started during your watch, then you don’t get mentioned by name, despite the offer to hire cheaper help at the White House. And if your country doesn’t grow enough bananas, then it doesn’t get included on the map. (I’ll go back to my BLB and tea.)

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