Mommy and Daddy Are Divorced

mommy and daddy are divorced


Mommy and Daddy are Divorced
Perry and Lynch

Submitter: We are a faculty of education library, and have lots of picture books on how teachers can help kids deal with various difficult topics. We are doing inventory and I took the opportunity to weed this gem. The terrible black and white photographs caught my eye first.  It looks like the authors just took their own home photos and stuck them onto pages with some text. The picture on the last page is the best one – so dark and blurry you can hardly make the figures out. While the subject of divorce is an important one, a lot has changed since 1985. Main character Ned would be over 30 by now. Surely we can find a more up to date book on the subject! It has been in our library for 20 years and never once circulated, so it was time to say goodbye to Ned and his divorced parents.

Holly: This book screams 1985! In fact, it looks even older than that. If it hasn’t left the shelf once in 20 years, it’s a good weeding candidate. If it was written for children who are now divorced themselves, it’s an even better weeding candidate.

moomy and daddy argument

divorced dad with kids

mom reading to child

mommy and child



      1. Well, at least you were right about it looking older than ’85 (this post) and thinking that it would look old by the mid-’80s (original post)!

  1. cover: and why? climbing the tree in your pajamas, playing around with the hose. we don’t even need to discuss your behavior in the other two stock photos

    1. I think that’s a striped overall rather than pajamas. Which may also raise the question “Why?”

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