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Modern Style for a Modern Girl

coverHow you look and dress
4th Edition

Submitter: Yes, we are finally getting into some serious weeding of our academic library, hence this little gem. It has everything the modern girl (in 1969) would want to know:

-How to handle a coat (to be fair, as I live in the tropics, I may never have figured this out)

-How long one should lie in the sun

-How to have a gay, happy look

-How to shop with kindness

To top it all off, it smells really musty, the cover is fading and the pages are stained – won the trifecta!

Holly: This cover is definitely dirty looking. And old. Collectors will snatch this up at a book sale in a hot minute! Unless your academic library has a real reason to keep something like this, and I mean a REAL academic reason…make way for something newer. There are some great old pictures in this book, though!


removing gloves


casual sports occasions

shopping with kindness

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12 Responses to Modern Style for a Modern Girl

  • There’s a proper way to take off a coat?!

  • A gramophone on the beach looks like a good way to get your records all scratched up with sand.

    • Seriously–Annette Funicello never needed a gramophone for her Beach Blanket Bingo! And that was way before 1969. My groovy teenage cousin would bring her pink portable battery-op turntable and Brenda Lee 45’s when she babysat us!

  • The kind of book that makes for great reference (if I was writing a Y/A in the period say). But obviously that’s a specialized niche (I do, however, bookmark posts like this just in case I do need a reference).

  • cover: i remember that “no mid-leg” fad

  • Apparently, even those of us living in temperate zones have never learned to “handle” a coat. I like the piece about “shopping with kindness,” though. I’ve worked retail and some people are so rude!

  • What a charming book 🙂 I like the section about “Shopping With Kindness”.

  • Love the record player on the beach! But they better move it soon, before it gets washed away, along with the girl. I also like the bit about “shopping with kindness.” We definitely could use some more of that these days.

  • Nothing says “gay” like a kilt. Do they also mention not wearing underwear under the kilt? Also, who hasn’t wanted that Lucille Ball circa 1970 look?

  • Shopping with kindness is also an option at the library.
    Surprisingly many people are rude to their librarian (among others, me!), and I don’t understand why.

    There should be more friendliness. A little more patience with other people, even if they are in front of you in the queue.

    (That beachside-photo looks photoshopped, poorly, by the way.)

  • That lady on the right looks suspiciously like a young Barbara Feldon…

  • Whoops..meant to say left