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Modern Motherhood

safeguarding motherhood

Safeguarding Motherhood

Love the cover of this book!  It is so pink and girly that I am almost ready to get pregnant myself.  Too bad my ovaries are so old that you can blow the dust off them.  But I digress….

Although the cover is cute, the inside drawings/pictures are less exciting.  A few pencil drawings of female anatomy that modesty prevents me from sharing. However, I will give you these illustrations of what I like to call the “Alien Baby”, how a girdle that will help keep your girlish figure, even if you are “knocked up”, and some nice exercises to get you back in shape.






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  • Yes, when I think of 1969, I think of sweet girls with flippy hair in a ribbon headband. Perhaps that is part of the “safeguarding motherhood” title. Dirty hippies!

  • Since I’m from the New Haven area, I googled “Spencer Inc.” and found this gem of a time capsule hosted by the NIH:

  • I’m missing something or other about the “Safeguarding” mentioned in the title, here. Is this really, as our first comment suggests, a culture wars title that’s got a big undercurrent of “Those hippies are after our women”? What else would we need to be on guard (standing at full attention in our pregnancy girdles) against? Or is the title’s echo of “protecting” marriage just making me see things that way?

    The line drawings might be useful in tracking that vein of foolishness. Just what *did* women’s anatomy look like before those Woodstock folkies got ‘hold of it??

  • Terrifying.

    The girdle, not the fetus.

  • Count me in as another who wonders at the title. What is the author safeguarding about motherhood? My gut (coloured by far too many family values speeches) thinks that it’s about keeping motherhood all traditional like. But I can’t be sure. If so, motherhood is depressingly traditional (people are still shocked that I wouldn’t be married to my partner / demand I dress my daughter in pink).

    Also, there is no way in Hades’ green fields that I would have been able to do any of those exercises post C-Section…

  • Maybe it’s about safeguarding the health of pregnant women. No hippies mentioned.
    Hippies were part of life in 1969, but for the most part in “flyover country” motherhood (in a marriage) was still something girls aspired to.

  • My mother had this book while she was expecting me. When I was a teenager I got a real kick out of how alien-like the drawings of the fetus were.

    • And then when we had babies, we realized that they really do look like aliens when they first come out!

  • Check out this negative review (of an earlier edition):

  • Hey, those are classic Pilates moves! Don’t knock ’em. THe girdle though – wow.

    • I”m not knocking them in general, merely suggesting that their inclusion could be misguided for some of the new mums. 🙂 I’ve never given birth naturally, so I don’t know how those women feel. I, on the other hand, could barely move for a month. I thought it was poppycock the sitting the month, and then I couldn’t move.

  • ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ came out the year before this book, so surely that so-called fetus is in fact the “Star Child”.
    Also, “pencil drawings of female anatomy” – that’s my entire school career, condensed into five words…

  • pg 27: looks like somebody’s somebody’s going to give birth to donald pleasance

  • Pregnancy and girdles… it feels weird to me to say them in the same sentence.

  • Those after-birth exercises look kinda like some Yoga moves to me. Isn’t the bottom right picture the Downward Dog?

  • I dunno….those positions might be how she got knocked up in the first place.

  • While I’m safeguarding somebody’s motherhood, I want some Miltown.

  • That fetus looks drunk. And it’s dreaming about a cigarette.

  • Just want to add that the author’s name is “Sol T. De Lee, M.D.” puts me in mind of Dr. Seuss.

  • I think girdles should come back in style,they’re funny,and definitely keep those love handles in check! I had to use one for a back injury and it kept me sitting up straighter and it actually helped me with my poor posture!
    I’m not kidding,it helped with my lower back aches,and then some.

  • “Like a scrip of Miltown and a scrip of Dexadrine, please. ” Oh for the days when we knew how to take weight off and keep it off, and we knew toxins were toxic and we didn’t have them shot into our faces. The Miltown relaxed our facial muscles nicely, thank you.
    You could do your own blog of those awesome journal ads, Hilary.

  • Loved”Nature’s way of terminating the pregnancy.”