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“Modern” Camping

Camping in Comfort
A Guide To Modern Vacations

Yes,  someone sent this to the bindery a long time ago so here is the lovely title page.  I know that camping invokes a “yesteryear” feel, but c’mon, this title is a bit old for any useful information.  I will be the first to admit that I don’t do camping anymore and my definition of “roughing it” is no room service.  It is a wonderful stroll down memory lane, though.
Get a load of this modern family and all the cool camping gear!  I believe that is an ATV folks circa 1971 though.  Can’t say I have ever seen anything like it on the road or off!

Get a load of this boat set up…. all yours for only $9,000.  I am sure the boat trailer is extra though.

I am a little concerned about these products featured below.  That propane heater looks a bit dated and I am sure wouldn’t be acceptable for today.  I wonder if the man in other picture is spraying some super healthy DDT?

Enjoy your camping everyone, and I will be blissfully resting in a local hotel with Wifi and room service on my next vacation.


0 Responses to “Modern” Camping

  • It’s a Sierra Trail Boss — the amphibious ATV!

  • I had a hand me down toy dune buggy in the 70s that looked just like that ATV. It was like this only red:

    I’m sad there isn’t a picture of the early pop up trailers. You couldn’t touch the canvas because it would leak. (or at least thats what my parents told us)

  • Oh man, that book is amazing from so many terrible perspectives. There’s no way I could convince my wife to ever leave the city if I used any of those photos as evidence that camping could be fun, especially the one with the tent sticking out of the van. No, no, no.

  • The Banana Splits used to drive things like that. Crikey, what were those chaps on, I wonder?


    • Oh my GOD that was great! Straight to FB!
      1. How did you know/recall this? That’s amazing.
      2. If you didn’t recall this, how did you FIND it — even more amazing.
      3. Thanks..great memories LOL

  • I’m impressed that someone remembered the Banana Splits racing in ATV’s. All 7.07 minutes of it too!

    Shouldn’t those be Hippies camping in the VW Bus?

  • I’ve read this quote 10 times now and still don’t know for sure what’s being sold to me.
    “[t]he VW ‘Campmobile’ a popular vehicle for European campers. Best news for Americans, it can be bought more cheaply overseas than back home.”
    Huh? So I should be buying it here, or over there and shipping it back? I promise you if you argue that the authors are saying it’s cheaper to buy this vehicle on one side of The Pond vs the other, I can convince you they meant it exactly the other way around.

  • That ATV looks like the chariot on Lost in Space. Which, since it supposedly took place in 1997, makes some bizarre form of sense.

  • Go and enjoy nature – then spray it with DDT till the wildlife’s all dead and then plough through it in a clumsy vehicle. Great.

  • That ‘fogger’ reminds me of the malathion foggers the city uses to kill off the two-ton mosquitoes we get. I like that ATV… reminds me of one of those paddlewheel boats. Shaped similarily.

  • It appears that the tent with the scary heater has a linoleum floor …. all the comforts of home?

  • I always wanted a VW camper (sigh). My 20-something deadhead neighbors still have one.

  • Any “modern” book on camping should include a discussion of leave no trace ethics.

  • Whoa, at first glance I thought it was nude boating!

  • I think my parents checked this out in 1971, viewed the horrors tucked within the covers of the book and their faces grew grim.

    Fumigating. Driving oversized Tonka toys. Expensive boats. My mother’s phobia- propane in the form of a grill…

    and the word “camping” was never, ever uttered in my childhood home. Now I understand why- the power of literacy drove my parents away from any sort of backwoods experience.

  • VW campers are awesome… my aunt and uncle had one back in the ’70s, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

    But… that propane stove is WAAAAAY to close to the tarp! That’s Boy Scout/Girl Scout 101 stuff: no flames anywhere near the tents!!

  • The ATV reminds me of the “Argocat” which had a 6wd and 8wd variant.

    For early ATV’s see the film “Silent Running”, the buggies used on the space ship were actual prototypes which eventually led to the quad bikes we know today.

    And I too remember the Banana Splits opening sequence. To my mind it was just like “The Monkees” or whatever their name was, but in funny costumes.

    In the UK such a VW would be a “Dormobile” and quite middle class. Indeed VW’s still seemed to dominate the camper van market in the UK until the T3.