Hanson coverHanson: The Official book

Even my 50 year old self knows this is an awesome find! Not sure this is still a good book for the youth biography-especially since it hasn’t been checked out since 1999.  It is in great shape though.

BTW, I put the song MMM Bop in the category of ear worms. God forbid I start hearing this in my sleep again.


Hanson brothers

Hanson brothers


  1. Nnneurghhhh! Thanks for the reminder, that the 1990s were such an awful time for pop music?
    Three prot0-Justin Biebers in one group!

    1. Pop “music” has gone steadily down hill since the invention of Autotune.

      We need more Susan Boyles and fewer Lady Gagas!

      As for Hanson – never liked them, never will.

  2. Hanson are still touring and the three blonde brothers in fact grew up to be a very respectable band. They were in the news a few days ago, because a riot broke out at a free concert in NY City which they were part of. The rioters were apparently attracted to the venue, however, by another act on the bill: the rapper Drake.

    1. Thanks!!! That was great! Laughed hysterically at the tambourine player! I’ll have to watch it again ’cause I missed Weird Al.

  3. For some reason I saw something about them on TV the other day, and the crazy thing is they are all married and have kids now, the oldest of which is probably approaching the age of the youngest Hanson brother in this book! For some reason this makes me feel older than the NSync bio you featured a few days ago…

  4. Not only do I own this book, but it’s a discard from the library where my dad works. They discarded it about 5 years ago.

    Yeah, I think they need a new biography written about them! (Or at least for everyone to check out their new album, Shout It Out!)

  5. Wow! Not to mention they’re still performing as a group while other 90s boy bands have broken up long since.

  6. when i first heard ‘mmm bop’ i thought it was by girls. truth is-hate it or not-‘mmm bop’ is an excellant pop song.

    i’ve heard that these guys are actually pretty genuinally accomplished musicians now…

    that first color pic…it’s just…um….WRONG.

  7. They actually grew up to be very handsome guys (even the awkward oldest one) and talented musicians!

  8. Oh my goodness. I forwarded this entry to my sister the second I saw it. She was (and still is at age 25) just about the biggest Hanson fan ever! She and her friends in middle school were known as the “Hanson Chicks.” Straight through high school, they faithfully wore Hanson t-shirts on each brother’s birthday. She actually had the poster versions of the first two pictures shown.

    But I agree, this deserves to be weeded.

  9. Yeah I had this one too! I don’t even want to hint at how many totally useless facts I know about the Hanson brothers… great how I can remember them and not remember what I had for supper last night, you know?

    Those velvet pants, Taylor, OMG! I’d totally forgotten. And we all bought the stripe-across-the-chest shirts because they wore them.

  10. In the second pic, what is the brother in purple on the right doing to the smaller brother bent over in the middle? What? It’s just not right.
    Besides, they are all grotesque. How could anyone, today or 13 years ago, get excited about that bunch?

  11. Okay guys I am a librarian and a huge Hanson fan cant even believe you put this up right after I found the blog. I have been a hanson fan for 12 years and still going strong meet them several times nicest guys .. They are touring now and their new CD is my favorite . PSS I OWN this Book .. yes I STILL Own this book.

  12. I’m 40 years old and I still have this book. I’ve always loved Hanson, they’re very talented, and technically not a “boy band” any more than any other musical group with all young males in it is a “boy band”.
    I agree with the sentiment that a new official biography needs to be done on them. New album is awesome, and they’ve done a lot of impressive things with going independent from their major label, charity work in Africa, inspiring their fans to get active in helping others, collaborating with a lot of other talented musicians, and making all around great music.

  13. I think my parents were glad when Hanson was added to my “late 90s pop” phase, as they were more than just singers and dancers.

    Of course, I had the crush on Issac — Taylor was only a year older than me, and obviously not “mature enough”.

    Ahh, the early teens and the silliness they include. I suppose it could have been worse.