Midnight Ride of…Archie Bunker?

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Paul Revere: Patriot And Craftsman

Submitter: I’ll be blunt, our children’s librarian is a wonderful person, but getting her to weed the kids’ books is like trying to pull a piranha’s teeth. She once held onto a New Kids On The Block book until she loudly heard a 9 year old girl saying “EEWWW!” That was three years ago. I’ve seen her keep biographies of sports heroes from the 80s – for a long time she kept children’s biographies on Princess Diana and Mother Theresa – that were written while they were still alive!

This one, however, caught my eye. It’s a primary kids biography on Paul Revere from 1974. While I’m sure it’s pretty good despite it’s age, one thing really caught my eye. Paul there looks a lot like Archie Bunker! Granted, little kids probably don’t know whom Archie was – unless their parents took time to explain the joke about “Archie’s Throne” in Night At The Museum Two: Battle For The Smithsonian. However, I can’t look at this and think “Great patriot.” I look at it and think about that time Sammy Davis Jr kissed Archie on the cheek.

Holly: Well, that pretty much says it all!  Every now and then we think it’s fun to post a book with a weird cover.  Paul Revere looks exactly like Archie Bunker!  We’re not suggesting it be weeded unless it’s in bad condition. This one’s just for a laugh, my friends!


  1. Splutter. Let me remind you of your comment when you posted “More Ovaltine Please!”: People judge books by their covers? You bet!

    No one can look at the dispepsed watercolor sky with ink borders and not immediately know this is 40 years old. It’s probably historically questionable as well…

  2. Guess we need to pull anything about Charlie Chaplin, because we all know who he looked like.

    Seriously, wanting to week a book because of a non-controversial picture on the cover, and not because of the content?

    That, my friends, is selective censorship.

  3. @Ron – Did you not read the post at all? No where was it said this had to be weeded. It said that the cover is FUNNY because Paul there looks like Carol O’Conner.

    Geez, don’t be a meathead.

  4. Yeah, this one might be a “Read-before-weed”. Also, as you can see, it’s not a bad extrapolation from the Copley portrait here and in many sources.

    I don’t think Archie would have liked Paul much, though. In addition to all the trouble-making, Paul was an immigrant from Italy by way of France.

  5. @Jani

    “I’ll be blunt, our children’s librarian is a wonderful person, but getting her to weed the kids’ books is like trying to pull a piranha’s teeth.”

    Yeah, I read the post. Did you? Before you criticize me and call me names, get your facts straight.

  6. @Ron – I read it. They never said that THIS book had to be weeded. Just that trying to GET children’s books weeded – such as New Kids On The Block or biographies on Princess Diana written while she was still alive was hard.

    But I see NOTHING that says “Weed this one because of the funny cover.”

    BTW – It’s J-A-M-I. I’m Jami, not Jani.

  7. Oh man, lighten up Ron. I’m sure there’s a soapbox somewhere you can preach on, while the rest of us giggle at silly covers on children’s books.

  8. what next? Booker T Washington that looks like Fred Sanford?

    Thomas Jefferson looking like The Fonz? hee hee! Possibilities are endless!

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