Men, Dogs, and Knitting

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Men Who Knit cover“Men Who Knit & the Dogs Who Love Them: 30 Great-Great Looking Designs for Man & His Best Friend”
Modessit and Emborsky

Submitter: This book appeals to a worldwide audience of maybe five people: namely dudes who are into knitting matching man/dog Rasta hats.

Thankfully there are tons of full-page pictures featuring inexplicably euphoric men posing next to dogs that look itchy, confused, and more than a little annoyed.

In the introduction, the author writes, “I love men – and I adore dogs, too.” And that giving a dog one of these sweaters “generally results in an orgy of tail wagging, so be warned!” She concludes with, “Happy knitting, all you cool men out there!”

I think this book should have been called, “Men Who Knit & the Dogs Who Hate Them : 30 Wardrobe Fails for ‘Man’ and his Dejected Bondservant.”

Holly: Men who knit are dead sexy, but this is an odd collection of pictures and patterns. It’s almost like adding a dog makes it more manly to be knitting; like dudes can’t just knit sweaters and hats for themselves because they want to. The matchy-matchy man and dog bit feels like a gimmick. Knit on, fellas. With or without your dog.


size chart

dog sweater

dog scarf

man reading with dog

matching sweaters


  1. The dog part makes it weird. But the actual knitting part is probably pretty good. Annie Modesitt is a very well known name in knit design.

  2. The dog in the third picture does seem happy enough, but s/he only got a knitted bandanna/bib thing.

    The guy in the fourth picture looks like he’s trying to use the dog as a reading light.

  3. I gotta say, some of these sweaters are rockin! Weird as it may seem, I would probably check this out of the library, despite the fact that I’m a chick 🙂

  4. Talk about a target audience! I’m guessing that crafty women purchase it so they can make gifts for their unsuspecting men and dogs, poor things. But the pictures are kind of cute. Dog #1 seems kind of unhappy about the whole thing. “But Dad, my sweater doesn’t fit, and it doesn’t match yours!”

  5. The men who knit these matching sweaters look demented and those unfortunate dogs…this is just animal cruelty. The poor dog in the first picture is begging for a treat that isn’t even there. If I were a man and I knit matching sweaters for my pugs and myself and if my pugs had opposable thumbs, you can bet they would drop a dime on me to animal protection services!

  6. I like the colors of the middle part of that first guy’s sweater, but the stripes are too much.

    Assuming blue at the bottom of the trunk and not just on the arms, the green one seems passable. It could be better with something else (brown?) in place of the gray.

    The red one looks like old-timey dress armor or something. Not a fan of it or the second one.

    The first dog’s expression reflects pretty well how I feel about what it’s wearing. And the dog on the cover, well . . . leaving sticky-out bits where the dog can worry at them or drag them through puddles seems like a bad idea to me.

  7. Aw, I follow Annie Modesitt’s blog. She’s a good person and a good designer. I would not check out this book, it’s true, but it makes me sad to see her on here.

  8. Long-time knitter here, and I remember the brief trend of “Woo! He has a penis AND he knits!” books that were out.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that men knit, it’s just….the “WOO!” books had me kind of rolling my eyes. I don’t know why, it just did. Maybe it was because they were being lionized as much for their gender as for what they were doing, and that seemed kind of distasteful to me.

  9. My library has that book (as a matter of fact, we just got it in April and put it on display) and according to one coworker, it’s “epic”.

  10. I hate sweaters and I feel very bad for anyone who has to wear them, human or animal. I can almost feel the yarn rubbing itself against my skin like barbed wire and itching like fleas.

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