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Submitter: I’m working on a weeding assignment for my collection development/management class, and I chose the physical fitness section.  Initially, I was tempted to suggest weeding the whole thing based on the publication dates, the abysmal circ and in-house use stats, and the horrible 80s attire.  Flipping through them, though, I’ve found that several have relevant information, even though they are a few decades old.  Then there’s this one.  I have to say, I’ve worn some pretty tacky shorts and awful attire when lifting, but never, ever has it occurred to me that I’d be more comfortable in a leotard!!

Sadly, the cover was nothing interesting…just plain yellow.  Couldn’t even make out the title on it, it’s possible it was a paperback at the time of purchase and was rebound, etc.

Holly: I never understood that whole leotard and ballet slippers getup that people loved to wear while exercising in the 70s and 80s. Thank goodness shorts and t-shirts became the new norm.

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  1. Leotards in the weight room is a little silly but I wish they’d let me wear my ballet slippers- lifting is best done barefoot (or in minimal shoes). I don’t know what difference fitness facility thinks that sneakers will make if I drop a barbell on my toe- I don’t wear steel toes to lift (I don’t know anybody who does that)…

  2. It’s woefully outdated, of course, but based on the sample pages shown, remarkably progressive for the late 1970s. The idea that women should train the same as men for the most part, while absolutely correct, really didn’t start to come into vogue until almost a decade later.

  3. I actually think the paragraphed circled in red has some very valid advice (minus the leotard.) It does say to wear what’s comfortable and to focus on yourself.

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