Mediocre Magic

The Amazing Microchip
Buddy Hackett

Nothing's impossible cover

Nothing’s Impossible!
Stunts to Entertain and Amaze

Need to up your entertainment skills? These guys have the solution. Basic magic, stunts and some positive affirmations are what this book offers. The tricks aren’t well explained either and others are just riffing on stuff kids already know.  Sample tricks: wooden match and a safety pin, cutting an apple, and for the big finish, lifting a guy off the chair.  I doubt if anyone would get a contract in a Vegas showroom with any of these tricks.

I think I will make this one disappear!




Nothing's impossible back cover authors

spirit hand magic trick

Cheers water trick

water trick demonstration



  1. Hey! Some friends and I used to do that trick on the front cover. It works really well. Helps if you’ve been drinking.

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