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star wars kids book with record

Star Wars
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In honor Star Wars Day, here are a couple of picture books. (One with an ACTUAL RECORD!) As a fan of the original trilogy, I do reject the second book, since Jar Jar Binks is the worst (and then I quit paying attention to the rest of the series.)

Break out your light sabers and become one with the force,


star wars book back cover

Luke and the Jawas text

Darth Vader and Obi-wan fighting with light sabers

Watch Out, Jar Jar book cover


  1. The prequels are good, the hate is unwarranted. But pay no attention to any Disney junk. The EU is the real Star Wars canon. #GiveUsLegends

  2. I had a bunch of those read-along books when I was a kid. Don’t think I ever had the Star Wars one, but I do remember the Disney ones usually cued you to turn the page “when Tinkerbell rings her little bell like this.” I wonder what the sound cue was for this one: A light saber? Chewbacca? R2-D2 beeping? The whoosh of a TIE fighter?

    On a related note, I really wish I still had those Star Wars figures I played with. I had Darth Vader, C3-PO and R2-D2 (possibly more but those are the ones I remember playing with). Even without the packaging they’re probably worth something today …

    1. R2 beeped. If I remember correctly it was the ‘bup-blaap’. I think we wore our copy out.

  3. I remember the first book with the record. Our teacher played it in school and R2 would bleep when it was time to turn the page. Those were the days. But I would rather tear my own eardrums torn out than have anything to do with the prequels or whatever. I really don’t give a Wookie’s behind about them.

  4. Oh man, those read-along books! I guess they were more exciting in the days before you could pull up the real thing on Netflix (or even VHS).

  5. Ooh, an actual record! You mean the ones on soft vinyl, printed on only one side, right? Sometimes they weren’t even cut out; you got the whole square. I remember those always felt like such a ripoff, like “bumper stickers” that turned out to be just long narrow un-gummed strips of ordinary paper. It’s not still playable is it?

  6. Whaaaat? Bob Eggleton?? The artist with the great space sceneries and dragons? Or another illustrator with the same name?
    How would he stoop to paint a story of that crature?
    Well, okay, “because they payed him” probably. But still.

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