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I am not a scrapbooker and my library experience has led me to conclude that many modern scrapbookers are just this side of crazy. But I digress.

This book is about creating masculine themed pages for your special man. Evidently you don’t want scrapbooks to be too “girly” for the guys. This book is just examples of real scrapbook theme ideas and sample pages. Don’t miss the “deconstruction” of masculine design (2nd picture below).

Is this worth hanging onto for a collection? Possibly. Remember, what is awful in one library could be great in another. For you folks looking for extra credit points, try this article on archival issues with historical scrapbooks from the National Museum of American History.




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  1. I am a scrapbooker (and am not crazy). There’s still a need for tips on designing masculine pages, but scrapbooking (like fashion) gets dated very quickly. Most modern scrapbookers would not use a 2005 book for guidance. While the tips may still be useful, none of the products are for sale anymore. I think you can safely weed this.

  2. My mom used to belong to Creative Memories and would go to scrapbooking events all the time. She has made several scrapbooks and keeps them all in good condition (acid-free page protectors and the like). She even made a scrapbook of her dad’s WWII experience.

  3. I get it. If another person has a hobby you’re not interested in, they’re crazy. I sooo do get it. Except it’s only when other people are interested in something that it’s a “hobby” and is good. If *I’m* interested in something, it’s an “obsession” and is bad. 🙁

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