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Mary’s Pal Rhoda

All About “Rhoda”

It’s another blast from my TV past everyone. Sadly, I was probably the target market for this gem from 1975. I am/was a huge Mary Tyler Moore fan and as far as I was concerned, Rhoda was the coolest. As I sit here in my rocking chair lamenting the golden days of television, I keep thinking that the Friends or How I met your mother couldn’t hold a candle to the Mary Tyler Moore show and its lesser (but still pretty good) spinoff, Rhoda. (The funeral for Chuckles the Clown will be forever a great moment in TV. Click here to see a clip.)


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4 Responses to Mary’s Pal Rhoda

  • Rhoda was one of the few spin-offs in the 70’s that maintained a high level of good writing that MTM show was known for. Good stuff!

  • Valerie Harper was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2013 and given two months to live, but she’s still kicking, doing benefit events and giving interviews. She’s a trooper.

  • Must do a wiki search on her now. Wondering if she’s still married to Dick Schaal….

  • Bonus Julie Kavner! Of course kids today probably know her better as the voice of Marge Simpson.