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Mary Jane

Marijuana cover


Submitter: This book comes from our public library system. Some of the photos look even old for a book from 1999. Laws on Marijuana have changed drastically, and it’s also possible that resources in the back are no longer  current.

Holly: There’s been a sudden influx of drug books submitted to ALB. Thank you, everyone, for weeding the weed books. I never knew doobies were orange. Were/are colored rolling papers a thing? I agree with submitter that the pictures in this thing look more 80s than 90s.


a pot party

teens with positive outlooks

acceptance with friends

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11 Responses to Mary Jane

  • Have teens today ever used a phone book? Do they know what it is?

    • I was 19 when this book was published . I know was not using phone book then . We had webTv is anyone remembers that!

  • I’m surprised there’s a library that still has this book. I mean, not that it’s old, or even that they bought it, but that it hasn’t disappeared. This is a topic on which nearly all of our books vanish into thin air!

    • Same prob here! This year, we bought an ebook with universal access! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!I

  • Ricardo, what is that smell? Sorry, I don’t take doobies from guys who have apparently shit their pants without noticing.

  • I really don’t get all this “legalizing” stuff. People seem to think it’s just because it’s a plant that’s it’s safe. What about all the plants that are so toxic they can kill you? If anything I think marijuana makes people so apathetic they don’t even care if their house is on fire. “Wow, fire looks like pretty orange fairies, maaan”. 🙂

    • if weed makes people apathetic then why was the hardest working band in show business the Grateful Dead?

  • Some of those photos look like the ones in the books we had in high school. In the mid 70s.

  • “Were/are colored rolling papers a thing?”

    yes – in 1979, about 20 years before this was published

  • Look at the creepy guy with no shirt on and the headband.

  • This would be a big seller at marijuana shops in Colorado.
    (Note: The b/w photo is undoubtedly from the 70’s. It may even be a still from the Mod Squad.
    Color film apparently hadn’t been invented yet.)