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Martinis and Murder coverMartinis and Murder
A Halo for Nobody (original title)


Today’s Friday Fiction is another pulp mystery from the old days. I am a sucker for “mayhem and murder, liquor and lust”. Charming private-eye Pete Chambers is on the case of murder involving three ladies with secrets. Chambers unravels a complicated case involving a torch singer, a jewelry designer and a housewife. You know, the dames. ¬†For fans of the hardboiled detective story, this is a winner.

Since I hadn’t heard this author’s name before, I found this article about Henry Kane by Lawrence Block written a few years ago. It was an enjoyable piece of writing on this author, especially since there isn’t a whole lot written about Kane’s life.




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Martinis and Murder reviews

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  1. Clearly from the Reefer Madness days when “hop-heads” were a threat to all civilized society.

  2. It’s a treat to see my old friend rediscovered, and I’m glad you found your way to my Mystery Scene piece about him. Henry Kane was a fascinating man and unfailingly good company, and his books (most of them) were a good cut about most of his contemporaries.


  3. I like how when I read this, I had the “hard-boiled detective” voice in my head. Because of the dames, see?

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