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Martha Stwart’s Quick Cook

Martha Stewart coverMartha Stewart Quick Cooks

Submitter: Martha Stewart cookbooks are pretty much a no-brainer purchase for our mid-sized public library collection but I think this one has reached the end of its life span. Also, I’m not sure Martha’s definition of quick to prepare food matches with any other human on the planet.

Holly: Well, leaving the head and scales on the fish definitely saves time (picture below). And that pink dress! Wow!

Martha Stewart back cover

Martha Stewart inside flap

chicken paillard


grilled red snapper

9 Responses to Martha Stwart’s Quick Cook

  • Are there actual recipes or is it all just vague descriptions of what you should do to prepare these dishes?

  • At first I misread tarragon butter as “carrion butter”. Gross, lol.

  • Years ago I had lunch at an inn on the Costa del Sol in Spain. I had a fish platter, and one of the fish had the head on. Ick. I want my fish butchered, dressed and, depending on the recipe, dredged in cornmeal or flour or dipped in beer batter. I do not want reminders that it is a dead fish!

  • Her recipes have gotten a lot more feasible in recent years.

  • She hasn’t looked that innocent in years.

  • Over here in Europe, and particularly in harbour side or posh restaurants, leaving the head on is pretty well the norm to show that you are getting what you pay for (or your Dover sole could be Whytche sole which is about a tenth of the price), for the fact that the sweetest meat is the cheek of which ever fish you are eating, and because aesthetically it is more appealing than a piece of unidentifiable white or brown fish. So that offering looked good to me. The frock however was a nightmare.

  • So, did you notice that you left out the E in her last name in the title? Or have we all be distracted by the dress and fish heads?