Marriage Minded Collection Development

Love and MarriageLove and Marriage
A Guide for Young People
Avery and Johannis

Marriage is one my favorite topics here at ALB, and I encourage you to do a quick search in your catalog and see what awfulness bursts forth. I came across a bunch of marriage titles, and none of them was clever enough to warrant a separate post, so I thought I would toss them together in a nice pile of awfulness for your consideration.  Nothing is particularly horrible, just dated and worthy of weeding since the references and data are way too old to be of use to the general user.



Psychologist Looks at Marriage

A Psychologist Looks at Marriage

Marrying Later

Marrying Later Marrying Smarter
How women over 30 can use their savvy and experience to attract exciting, marriageable men


  1. Oh my, that last one is fabulous. Clearly by waiting til 42 to marry I was using my savvy and experience to attract my hubby! I just didn’t realize that until now.

  2. The foulrishes on the first book look like an ugly Victorian mustache. I suspect the contents are appropriate to that.