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Mark the Shark

Mark Spitz: The Shark

Submitter: Right out of the children’s bio section at my local library. Mark Spitz: the Shark from 1974. It’s possible a young swimming fan may wish to write a paper on Mark instead of the more current swimming phenoms like Tom Daley or Michael Phelps. If so, they need to have an updated bio on the Shark.

Holly: This series has the most…”interesting” artwork! Why is he orange on the cover (and green in the last picture below)? And the pencil drawing below looks blurry, like he’s shivering from coming out of the pool.  At least it’s <ahem> anatomically correct…

Fun fact: Mark Spitz planned on becoming a dentist, and was accepted to dental school, but never went back to college after the Olympics.

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5 Responses to Mark the Shark

  • The ever colorful Spitz…always knew chlorine was bad for the skin….

  • Imagine! That book has been on the shelf for 40 years, and no kid has been tempted to “elaborate” on the illustration! Circ stats must have been minimal from the get-go.

  • I’m going to show my age here, but does anyone else remember Lyle Waggoner’s take on Mark Spitz, on the Carol Burnett show?

  • Seriously – a dentist named SPITZ? Think of the advertising opportunities!