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Manners with Sybil

You’ve Come Along Way Sybil Macintosh

Teen etiquette brought to you by the ever so crass and awful, Sybil Macintosh. My mother would say she evidently was raised by wolves. There are chapters on all sorts of topics, introductions, using the telephone, thank you notes, table manners, and parties. Helpfully, there are also tips on looking good as well. For 1974, this is at least more interesting than many of the etiquette and grooming books for teen I have seen. Since I was also a teen in 1974, I was the target market for this book.

Unfortunately, this book does not really help teens in 2016. With no discussions on personal boundaries, Internet etiquette and other tech issues, this book is not helpful. I am also thinking that teens are not looking up from the phones long enough to get a book on manners.


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16 Responses to Manners with Sybil

  • relevance aside, the Trina Schart Hyman illustrations are awesome!

  • I once read somewhere that teens are actually more polite than older adults. I find that rather difficult to believe, although one time when my sister-in-law’s car got stuck in the snow, a group of them came over and helped push it out like proper Canadians. 🙂

  • Oh how I love Trina Schart Hyman! I would take this book home with me. I’m pretty sure I must have read it as a kid in the 80s–that cover looks *really* familiar.

  • I must have been well taught! In 1974 I was using these phone manners nearly word for word! Instead of saying, “:Yes…” when asked if my mother was in though, I’d just start right out with, “She can’t come to the phone right now.” That way the caller didn’t know that my mother wasn’t home, and I was alone in the house.
    What today’s teens, and far too many adults, need to learn, is to use the word “may,” instead of “can.”

  • i’m a teen, but i would like to go through this once.

  • I had the Trina Schart Hyman-illustrated Snow White (bought in the 80s), and it was gorgeous — but there is one picture where Snow White has two left feet (or maybe two right feet.) I looked for it on the internet to put a link here but could not find it. If I recall, it’s a double-page picture where she’s in a faint from her lacings being tied too tight. I always wondered if it got corrected in a later edition.

  • I had no idea that the wonderful TSH would illustrate a book like this. Love her lively drawings for this one.

  • Psst, everyone!

    At time of posting there are ten copies at alibris, three at abebooks and nineteen at Amazon.

    :: hastily standing back to escape trampling ::