Manners for the “Now” Generation

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The Young Man’s Book of Etiquette

Actually I do think that etiquette is a lost art and that these books do need some preservation.  Your average public library’s youth nonfiction collection is not that place.  Yes, good manners are timeless.  Referring to young men as “studs” or “cats,” though – not so much.  For a brief moment I thought the book was written by Sammy Davis Jr. Yes, courtesy is a lost art. Yes, there are good things in this book.  I love that this author included a chapter on safe and polite driving. (I nearly wept at the idea that one day we could all merge onto the highway without cussing or a raised middle finger.)   We could discuss the decline of these social skills forever.

Is this the way that good manners on the job or at school are going to be communicated? Probably not. This book looks like it hasn’t been touched in an ice age or two. Frankly, I am on board with anything that might communicate cell phone etiquette and tasteful Facebook behavior. (Just say no to over-sharing!)


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  1. Your line about driving reminds me of the old AAA (I think?) driver’s ed. books that were all titled “Sportsmanlike Driving”. I’ve got to go and find them again.

  2. I collect old etiquette books, and I have to say He-Manners (and it’s sister She-Manners) are two of my favorites. They are completely useless for nearly everything, except for maybe table manners. Knowing which fork to use hasn’t changed much in the past 50 years.

  3. I see the jacket tells you that this is a revised edition, but the earlier edition is 1954. I’d go look at it but it is (thankfully) in storage.

  4. I dream of the day when someone tennage boys think is cool models good manners in public, rather than trying to shock people with rude gestures and ruder words.

  5. Does any one else have trouble getting up to date stuff on manners? I just talked to our adult librarian and he said that he’s tried to order some DVDs on good manners and they’re always out of stock.

    Makes me wonder if the reason this stuff stays on the shelf is because they can’t get anything modern.

    Also, Sammy Davis Jr. rules. He was the heppest of the hep cats IMHO.

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