Manly Home Decor

Power Look at home cover

The Power Look at Home
Decorating for Men
Fürstenberg and Fisher

These are quite the looks for that man wishing to make a statement about his home. We have a few choices such as: the statue in the kitchen, the bed that looks like a cage, and some weird looking art. Don’t miss the giant TV relic (complete with some awesome rabbit ears!) Not really sure, but I am not getting the power vibe given these designs. I think Prince Egon should have taken some advice from first wife Diane.



inside book flaps

kitchen office bedroom red interior living area



  1. “True eclecticism is a totally original vision, the creation of one person who senses a chemistry between various objects.” That could describe one of the people on Hoarders, a street person with a loaded shopping cart, or a teen like Jeremy in the Zits cartoon.

  2. These rooms all feel terribly claustrophobic to me — why use such small spaces? Presumably they had their choice of rooms small or large. Also, didn’t they have airbrushing in those days? Egon has weird dark wrinkles/lines in his forehead.

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