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Managing CAD/CAM

Managing CAD/CAM: Implementation, organization, and Integration

Submitter: I don’t have a book we weeded from the collection. More of a preemptive weed.  A very nice older gentlemen donated the attached book. It has never been opened.  He told us that the “Youth” will need this to pass their CAD class.

Holly: For those who don’t know, CAD is computer-aided design and CAM is computer-aided manufacturing.  Important topic here in the Detroit area and worth a title, but not this one. Time to update!

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  • I will admit to being the submitter. This sweat old man donated this to us. He thought our students would love it.

    I am keeping it with my letter from a prisoner we received asking us about techniques tunneling through concrete.

  • He meant well.

  • Nice watch!

  • man oh man, where can i get a workstation with it’s own racing stripes…

    -and some cool-io sideburns,

    -and a neato lcd digital watch(oh how i WISH i still had my 1977 vintage LED watch-w/the blood red light up numerals-remember? you had to push a button for the time)

    -a bushy bushy brown hairdo

    – suit w/too-short sleeves

    aaah the ’80.

  • It’s hard for older people to realize that technology changes so rapidly. My Mom’s husband in his 80’s is storing an old dot matrix printer that he’s sure his grand kids will need after he’s dead. (sigh)

  • I want that monitor! Dual display! Rocket styling!

  • bedee bedee…HI Buck!

  • Sweet suits!

  • As much shame as this brings me to say, odds are there are companies who the vintage technology this book covers.

  • Now THAT’S a computer – I’d love to work with something like that, but I’d be afraid of it trying to take over the world…

  • That watch is SO digital!

    For a computer with racing stripes: Apple will probably be bringing something like that out soon. But smaller.

  • Is it me, or are the guys just a mite too close? The could be designing wedding invitations – Their own!

  • I need the display, or at least the housing! It would be great upgraded with some new LCD’s.

  • Aw, how cute is this story. 🙂

  • Who is JOHN STARK that he needs MONSTER FONT SIZE?

  • I can’t believe that the sweet old man said that! I recently met an elderly woman who was a graphic designer like myself, but ended up retiring around the time this book came out.
    The CAD was too much for her, so she stopped designing… If I saw this back then and though it was the future, I’d stop designing too.

  • I like the super ergonomic cinder-block keyboard. You’ll never get comfortable typing on this baby! Haha!

  • The technology may have improved, and the degree to which people incorporate computer-aided workflows might have changed. The worflows themselves, and their management, are pretty universal.