Mama’s Milk

mama's milk coverI’m Made of Mama’s Milk

Submitter: Okay, it’s probably not nice to pick on self-published works. Also, breastfeeding-positive books are in short supply in many library collections, so it has that going for it.  However, the soft-focus photographs with the weird photo-shopped backgrounds, combined with some not particularly inspired poetry (“Mama’s love is so very fine. / Her touch is gentle, her words are kind. / And her precious food straight from the heart / Is giving my life such a great start!”) make for a pretty awful library book.  It had not circulated within the three years dictated by our public library’s weeding schedule, so away it goes!

Holly: It’s a nice, feel-good book for children that normalizes breastfeeding. I don’t have any real beef with the book itself. The picture of the child in the bathtub worries me a little bit – mom gets drowsy and baby drowns face-down in the tub and a beautiful photo goes horribly wrong. I agree that the quality of the photos and the poetry could use some polishing as well. An editor at a publishing house would have helped. This one’s just “meh” for me. Old enough to weed without hurting anyone’s feelings, probably.

soothing warm and heavenly

in bed at night

left side

in a warm bath




  1. Not to mention that the soap or bubbles might not be good for baby. Together with accidental aspiration of water or possible drowning, that is a very poor idea.

  2. book really should include photos of nursing while on toilet, in friend’s bathroom during a party, not nursing while at the grocery store and baby freaking out…

  3. I don’t think its nice to pick on self-published books either, because I’ve been thinking of doing it with *my* stories since it looks like the only way I’ll be ever to do it. 🙁

  4. The caption for the bath page is what cracks me up because I bet a lot of people would say the same (a different beverage, of course).

  5. You never realize just how little breastfeeding is normalized in literature (for kids or adults) until you become a breastfeeding mom yourself. I think the concept behind the book is good, but it was not executed very well. I would not pick this up even if I did need a book on the subject.

    1. That was my reaction, too. But I know there are some people who feel that children should nurse until they want to stop. (I think that’s when it ends, for that school of thought.) However, it was quite jarring when the child of an acquaintance quite articulately expressed his desire to breastfeed when we were on some kind of group outing — if they are old enough to ask coherently, perhaps mother and offspring should be going on to some other set of activities. But maybe I am a prude, or something — ?

      1. I think after a certain point it’s no longer about providing food for your child. I’m Childfree By Choice myself and sometimes in my CFBC groups people share articles about women who breastfeed children that are in grade school. Can’t help but think CPS should be involved.


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