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Making Your Living is FunMaking Your Living is Fun

Submitter: We weeded this from the [Public Library], which serves a community of 109,000. This was in our 800s, which are notoriously hard to weed. I think it would have been gone a lot sooner if it was in the 300s. Seems to pre-date CIP so must have been a Cataloguer’s call!

Holly: The subject heading for this book is “success” and the Dewey call number is 818.5. I agree with submitter that this is a strange combination – but I’m not a cataloger and they have their secret ways. Aside from the fact that this is about the most boring thing I’ve ever seen (NOT the reason to weed it, just a personal observation), it is 55 years old. Success in 2014 is not the same as success in 1959. I skimmed through the [yellowed] pages submitted and I still don’t really get the point. Is it just stories about people doing various things for a living? To it’s credit, it seems to include women. I don’t see public library patrons clamoring onto a hold list for this, so it’s probably a safe weed.

Making Your Living is Fun excerpt

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Making Your Living is Fun excerpt

Making Your Living is Fun excerpt


  1. I think it was catalogued in the 800s because it reds more like a memoir, not a career counseling book.

  2. I thought it was hilarious!
    I would like to read the whole book. What about the part: “Designers are warm, artistic people. A misplaced pleat, and unflattering neckline, the wrong fabric….. will cause so much mental anguish that they develop stomach ulcers. But let them create a style that really clicks, and they are Kings of their domain”. Reminded me of a Seinfeld’s episode about “masters of their domain”

    Then there are those business women who nobody wants to see them ” looking untidy, unpressed, and unpowdered”.
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

  3. I agree that it looks like a memoir. Perhaps the title was misleading; it referred to the author’s experience.

  4. I agree with BC and Kathy P: Based on the samples, I would say this is a memoir. And I’m guessing more people would’ve recognized the author’s name in 1959 than recognize it now.

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