Make Your Own Exercise Equipment

Make Your Own Exercise Equipment coverMake Your Own Exercise Equipment

Submitter: This book was already weed-worthy just because of its age and lack of circulation; frankly, I’m not sure why anyone would want to make exercise equipment when you can buy almost-new equipment at any garage sale. What made it Awful Library Books-worthy was the artwork. All of the diagrams show angry, unhappy, uncomfortable people struggling in their exercise routine (or with their homemade exercise equipment!). But the coup de grâce was the photograph featuring the homemade stationary bike, the result of 70+ pages of instructions in a “excellent section on bicycles and stationary pedal cycles,” as proclaimed on the back cover.

Holly: How very inspiring!  Chin-up guy (below) looks like he might just give up and go order a cheeseburger.  Also, is that a woman bench-pressing on the cover, or a man in a leotard?


Make Your Own Exercise Equipment back cover

chin ups

stationery bike


  1. That cover is hilarious. I think that’s a chick in a leotard which is just weird. Maybe she has a dance class after she bench presses for a bit. It just sounds odd for someone to make their own exercise equipment. Maybe you could make some out of food and eat it after.

    1. Leotards were a de rigueur exercise outfit even up through Jane Fonda’s leg warmer workout videos, so it would be only natural to pump iron in them.

      That’s not what’s happening here, though. Plainly the guy on this book’s face isn’t spotting that weight. He’s pressing it down on his victim. The malevolence of his expression is unmistakable.

  2. I like how some fashion concise Library worker tried to help that woman and slapped a bar code over her outfit.

  3. The kitchen chair is quite creepy…feels like I’m at my grandma’s house in 1973.

    1. Better World Books dot com. I’d link, but I can’t get my computer to link w/o sending you into my account. It’s a great way to recycle books.

  4. Unless the book was something severely dated (like an old phone book) or dangerous (like a how-to guide on using arsenic to treat syphilis), our weeds end up in our library book sale.

  5. Ridiculous AND dangerous!

    b-t-w… for those interested for used equipment. Check craigslist. I bought a virtually unused professional spin bike, complete with SPD clips, valued at $1,700 for $175 and the same person sold me a like-new bow-flex (again worth over $1,000) for $125…. NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Interestingly, on the cover, she’s not even doing a bench press, but a close grip bench press, which targets the triceps far more than the chest. Unfortunately, her elbows are flared out like you would with a standard bench press. In other words, bad exercise form on the cover of the book, but hey, it’s a homemade bench!

    As for chinning bar guy on the inside of the book, that’s some bizarre, anatomically impossible art.

  7. My first thought was that those weights don’t look homemade to me. Maybe I need to spend more time in the gym, no scratch that, I DEFINATELY need to do that. Maybe I’ll just get this book and make my own gym.