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Make it Yourself coverMake it Yourself
Riccio and Bingham

For the most part, the information in this book is still good. Unfortunately, this book looks very 1978. (Fun fact: Holly and I have gotten pretty good at guessing the publication year based on the fonts used.) You can also see that this book is really showing its age.

The book is really just a listing of things you can make yourself, ranging from cleaning products to condiments. Some of the tips aren’t particularly practical. Am I supposed to save my egg shells indefinitely in case I run out steel wool? There is also no discussion of how this saves money. It also doesn’t address the value of time. I am not going stand around and save every egg shell, just in case. Where would it be stored? How would it be stored? Also, I still have steel wool that I probably got sometime in the early 1990s. I doubt I am going to run out of steel wool any time soon.

Great idea, but not the greatest execution. Weed it and get yourself something from this century.


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    1. Online lol. To be fair, buying something like that in 1978 would have been challenge if you didn’t know where to get it or when if your area had it in stock.

      And I agree with OP that buying some of that stuff, especially the paint remover, would be easier than making it yourself.

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