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Molded Dishes Cookbook

I have a sick fascination for the molded food items from the 60s and 70s. Of course as a Midwesterner, Jell-o was usually on the menu at every potluck, family dinner, and general celebration. It is the savory molds that are just plain scary. Just read some of the ingredients and you will immediately wonder what people were thinking back in the day. No one needs a meat flavored jell-o. Too bad there aren’t any photos in this book. (Or maybe that is a good thing?)

There are plenty of other examples on our site, if you want to indulge your culinary knowledge to molded food. Check out beet and cabbage salad or maybe a nice salmon jello?

Bon Appetit!



salmon mousse


prune aspic


  1. I tried meat in aspic once, in Germany! It was awful. But it’s traditional in a lot of places still. I bet a few of these recipes are still being made…though by all means get rid of this ancient cookbook!

    (I recently bought a new Jello mold to replace the very elderly one my mom passed down, so as to produce the annual weird 50s Jello things we have on the table for the holidays!)

  2. My salmon mousse is actually much admired. So there. (I am happy to add, tho, that it does not involve tomato soup or cream cheese.)

    1. Mine too, we add almond scales and sliced olive eyes and it is a hit – a retro hit but still..

  3. Wow, so much hate for sweetbreads and aspic! Sweetbreads are delicious — but I don’t see the point of putting them in aspic; they have a delicate texture that goes well with mushrooms.

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