Magic Marriage

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The Secret of Married Love

Another Christian marriage advice book that evidently depends on women just cooperating with their designated role. Remember God is all about women shutting up, obeying your husband and keeping a nice house. Let him do all the thinking for you.

In a few weeks, I will be having my 35th wedding anniversary with my husband. (We refer to it as “surviving” rather than “celebrating”.) I am of the belief that marriage is a function of luck, security and low expectations.

Shutting up now.



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law of love for men

text on Christian married love for women

text on rule of love from Biblical perspective




  1. Yowza…

    The secret of married love? Not looking like Tiny Tim and S.E. Hinton in your book’s cover photo helps…

  2. It’s not good to mock it. There’s nothing wrong with the view that men and women were created for different roles. People should stop twisting the Christian view of womanhood into something it isn’t.

  3. Well, it’s not as bad as I expected from the blurb. Though that’s not saying much.

    And Mel? Please don’t take this the wrong way, but the fundamental problem with the Christian view of… well, pretty much anything… it that it all rests on the assumption that an almighty and omnipotent God actually exists. And personally, I’ll believe that when He descends from Heaven and agreed to be interviewed for a popular talk-show. (And even then I sure don’t remember Him running for office.)

    1. I am very suspicious of anything that quotes Paul as a basis for something. He is just too male chauvinist. In my church, the congregation has let the ministers know that we don’t care to have his letters used as scripture in services.

  4. It sounds like this “joyous toast to love in all its forms” wouldn’t extend to love between two men or two women. Ugh.

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