Low-Calorie Desserts

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Low-Calorie Desserts coverLow-Calorie Desserts
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Submitter: There are some reasonable recipes here, but the whole thing looks really dated.

Holly: I’m all for dessert less than 150 calories, and submitter is right – there are some tasty-sounding treats here. The photography is very 1970s, though. Food blogs today have such gorgeous images; this can’t hold a candle to what you see online today. The dishware and the utensils are old fashioned too. Not retro, but old fashioned. The difference is in the image quality and design of the book. It isn’t the Better Homes & Gardens we all know and love today, presenting classic recipes on kitschy retro plates. It’s just old.

Low-Calorie Desserts back cover

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  1. The food looks good but the recipes seem overly complicated. ‘Fancy’ food was the norm for cookbooks back then. I’d love to know what’s in that sliced loaf.

    No matter what the meal is, a nice selection of fresh fruit always makes an excellent dessert.

  2. I know, right? I just love it when diet ads tell you that you can eat things like pizza and cake, but that’s really only if each serving is just barely enough to feed a tiny, underweight mouse. Diets don’t work.

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