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Love Lessons

How to make love to a man

Submitter: I wish I could have scanned the whole book. There were so many funny passages throughout the whole book even though they were meant to be serious.
Grossly out of date for the modern woman. Maybe send it over to the comedy section instead?

Holly: I love the page [below] that says you may have to use your imagination, but every person has something you can appreciate. There are some other “interesting” passages included below too. The authors definitely put effort into subject authority, what with all the quotes from “professionals.” (And I don’t mean sex therapists and the like…)

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6 Responses to Love Lessons

  • OK, so where’s the companion volume, with “tricks of the trade” from gigolos? (And what are such men dabbing in the crooks of their elbows?)

  • Okay, agreed that, by modern standards, this book is sort of like explaining the basic “birds and the bees” to a teenager when their questions have more to do with oral technique, trimming and/or piercing the nether regions, orgies, BDSM, and “sexting,” but I would suggest that there is still room for a “back to the basics” book like this, in perhaps a new edition. It’s mot like the information presented is false now, is it?

  • I’m willing to bet Brigitte Bardot wouldn’t appreciate being called a whore….