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Love in Suburbia

Love in Suburbia - cover

Love in Suburbia

What a friendly neighborhood! Recently settled in the suburbs, Anita and Dave evidently started making friends with the neighbors. Cocktails and steamy affairs are de rigueur in the suburbs and before you know it, we have a regular Peyton Place!

Conway is the pseudonym of Joseph Chadwick, a writer of western papberbacks in the 1950s and 60s. I couldn’t find a lot about him in my 15 minutes of effort, so if anyone has any background, please share. All of the western titles sport this same kind of cover art which is terrific.



Love in Suburbia - back cover

Love in Suburbia - Pages 6 and 7

12 Responses to Love in Suburbia

  • It’s fascinating to look at how fiction (particularly movies) handles suburbia over the years.

  • How nice to see a woman with “silver gray hair” and glasses as a sex object! Now, a woman in her “mid-forties” would be over the hill! Not to mention she would have dyed her hair years earlier.

    I grew up in suburbia in the 60s. Nothing was going on in my neighborhood! Maybe it did in the group that belonged to the community pool, but my mother refused to join. She didn’t want to have to volunteer for her turn manning the check in station. It was a different group of women who did pool duty!

  • I think I know why Luis is reluctant to move into the neighborhood.

  • “Dave reached in desperation for his next door neighbor”… so THIS is where desperate housewives (and, apparently, househusbands) got started! “Hot-eyed beatniks”? Is that woman on the cover, facing the pool, completely naked? Could the poolside bar BE any more “Mad Men”? Stay tuned next week, for Friday (Pulp) Fiction!

  • Needs a diagram.

  • What’s the point of a pseudonym if you list your real name, too?

  • Chadwick also wrote as “Joselyn Chadwick, Janet Conroy, Jo Anne Creighton, John Creighton & Elizabeth Grayson,” and dabbled in crime fiction. One of his short stories was turned into a film starring Gene Autry.

    See also “Sabrina,” whose tagline is “The flame of freedom blazed within her enslaved flesh.”


  • I glanced at the Author Profile and thought it said he’d written THE TEXAS BANGERS… Guess I looked at some of the other pages a bit too long….

  • Katz, some authors do that as a way to separate their writing. For example, if you see Piers Anthony on a cover, you’re immediately going to think fantasy, so even if it’s not a secret, he might use, lets say, George Smith for a historical fiction tale. Readers learn to link author names with their typical genres, along with kinds of names. You’re not likely to pick up a gritty western with a flowery French named author.

  • Uh, oh, I bet young Dave is going to forget to lock up the safe, isn’t he? This might be fun to read, or read part of…The Sean Connery type leering up at the bikini person gives me a laugh! I don’t think one sees such well-drawn leering very often LOL.

  • I wish I could figure a way to rub my skin with a towel til it glows. :/

  • Man, I live in SUCH a boring neighborhood! Nothing like this sort of thing EVER happens around here!