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Love Bugs


The Love Bugs
A Natural History of the V.D.s

This wonderful selection was sent from an ALB spy and was plucked from a youth non-fiction collection.  Submitter says that this has circulated as late as 2004.  It blows my mind that someone would think this is still worth keeping in a youth collection.  I also haven’t heard the terms VD or love bugs in at least 30 years.  Would today’s teens even know what this book is about?  (I won’t even bother with the obvious comments on sexually transmitted disesases and our knowledge  since 1974…)

From submitters own words:
“The chapters about venereal diseases in history and literature are actually quite interesting, funny, and gross, so if you were a teenager in 1974, this book might actually be entertaining as well as useful. Admittedly, the final chapter on prevention and treatment is jaw-droppingly awful no matter what decade you’re in.

‘Maybe you (or your lover) should consider using condoms, especially if you are very active sexually and have different sex partners, whom you pick up here and there.’

Maybe? MAYBE? Ya think?”

This is pretty awful, folks.  Weed it, PLEASE!

With Love,

22 Responses to Love Bugs

  • For fun I like to see if our local library has any of the books you post. I looked up this one and the local high school library has it. GAH! I hope none of the students actually find this in the shelves.

  • I also check our consortium–two libraries in our system have it!!! This is one of the worst I’ve seen on your blog so far. HORRIFYING.

  • i love that cover though.

  • …the V.D.’s…???
    As in, OMG, i’ve got the V.D.!!!!!??
    Actually, the term is now “Sexually transmitted infections” (STI), not STD (disease) – which I learned at my son’s college orientation, of all places! Ah, higher education!

    Gotta love this one (free love that is)

  • LOL! I’ve never heard “love bugs” but i still hear VD (i’m college aged) a fair amount.

    Love that last quote. Hahaha

  • This is the first one you’ve posted that I really really really want to read. Out of morbid curiousity, of course.

    I am a youth librarian and 1974 was 10 years before I was even born. So… there.

  • I like using the terms “VD” and “STD” just to tick people off. They get so uptight. VD, STD, STI – basically all mean the same doggone thing. I’d love to have this book too just as the frosting on the cake.

    In a public library – nah, needs to be weeded. But would be good to have for a 70s-era movie or as a research tool for someone looking to make parody versions of those VD-safety films they made back then.

  • I agree – dump the creepy old book. Stat.

  • I like the 1974 attitude, a “love bug” like a harmless volkswagon car or ? Like they can’t even call it the proper scientific name, no wonder kids might think ooh,love bug sounds neat-o. No wonder people got diseases when ya can’t even call it what it is…

  • That cover just kills me. It’s the ‘groovy’ lettering — like it’s actually a guide to STDs presented by Austin Powers.

  • So, for those of us who collect materials on human sexuality, if any library is weeding this please contact me! The 1970s created a great deal of interesting literature and this would fit right in with my collection. dtrubel@gmail.com (Yes, I am serious.)

  • In the Mamas & Papas song “Creeque Alley,” there is a reference to somebody giving Mama Cass “love bugs.” This is the only time I ever remember hearing this term, and that was from the 1960s!

  • I was a teenager in the seventies and I never heard “love bug” either.
    I’m with Dejah, this would be useful as a reference to what people thought back then, but hardly as a current health book.

  • Nasty!

  • I just searched for this book online and 3 different counties still have this book. And 1 of them is a bookmobile!!!

  • To be fair, in 1974 while you might have to worry about pregnancy, there was no HIV and syphilis/gonorrhea hadn’t developed antibiotic-resistant strains.

    I am old enough to remember casual unprotected sex. Which means I’m… old.

  • OMG! My library system (but thankfully not my library) has one copy of this book. I *must* see it. 🙂 It seems good for a laugh.

  • Before I read the subtitle, I thought this was a really awful romance novel, lol!

  • I know I’m late to the party, but Weeding Girl misheard the “Creek Alley” lyrics. The song actually said, “When Denny met Cass he gave her love bumps,” and goes on to explain that they went on to form a band called the Mugwumps. Cass loved Denny, but the feeling was unrequited. Both of them are dead now–and, yes, I AM OLD.

  • Actually it is “Creeque Alley”, that is the title, and when they were in The Virgin Islands this was a street there. The song is autobiographical.
    But I love it when people mis-hear lyrics!

    Cass and Denny formed the Mugwumps. Also Zally from The Lovin’ Spoonful was in the band,it’s true.