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The Russians in Space

As you all know, juvenile/teen nonfiction collections always get me worked up when they are too old.  Please don’t write me and tell me about historical perspective, it is better than nothing, etc.  I have heard it a million times and as soon as I have an 8 year old doing a historiography on any subject, then I promise I will rethink this issue.  Forgive my crankiness. Time change always makes me a bit snappish.  Anyway, this is a book directed at a youth audience and it looks like it was part of a series.  For 1969, this wasn’t a bad choice although I do think the text is a bit dense for youth.  What is cool about this book is the cold war theme (lots of secrets), lots of documentation and logs of the Soviet space program.  I think the material the author presents probably would have worked better for an adult audience, even in 1969.  I also think most space buffs would say that 1969 is an important year and libraries should have probably should have re-evaluated the collections in light of the moon landing.



  1. I don’t know why anyone would read it, but I SO want to make a book purse out of that kitschy cover!

  2. I’m thinking a clock would be good too, Robin. I’d make the hole for a small clock movement somewhere between the author’s name and where it says CCCP.

  3. A dalek is something from Dr. Who. I only know that because I have a friend who knit one for her boyfriend.

  4. @Alice – It should read “In Soviet Russia, you exterminate Dalek! Which shows how superior we Soviets are to captalist Gallifrey pigs!”

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