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Lookin’ Good!

Clothes and Your Appearance

Submitter: Just thought I’d refer you to “Clothes and Your Appearance” (1977) which I posted on a while back. Here’s the link:
The post discusses the book’s contents and contains several scans which you are welcome to use.

Holly: Thanks!  Your post pretty much says it all.  I hate to break it to Princess Leia on the cover, but that number was never in style. Here are some pictures from the book:

Yes, it does, and this guy should take that advice.

Oh, honey, no.


0 Responses to Lookin’ Good!

  • Is that barnyard print on the blazer and dress jumper thing? I think I saw that as wallpaper in the 70s, but never clothing. Clothes like these make Baby Jesus cry. I lived through that decade and even back then the only thing I would have worn out of all these examples is hair guy’s turtleneck shirt. Princess Leia looks like she’s on her way to her night job at IHOP.

    I get where people want to save old fashion books for Historical or costume reference, but this one, not so much.

  • That dress reminds me of our 1970s kitchen floor–bad color combinations were in style then. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jlcrook/3324076751/

  • that’s from ’77? Uh, I remember 1977 and we’d have laughed and pointed. Those were a don’t even back then.

  • The pics remind me of a clothing ad from an old Reader’s Digest (circa. 1972). The bottom right one reminds me also of a Ricola commercial for some reason. Or ABBA.

  • Fashion’s definitely a topic that can just be out-of-date, so it should be culled often.

    Never passé, though? Snarky comments about other people’s fashion choices, now or in the past. ‘Cause that makes us all feel so very, very much bigger as people.

  • What’s with the Demure Negro Maid look? That by itself would be enough to put the book on the ALB Classics List, even without the barnyard outfit apparently made out of tasteless upholstery remnants.

    I too remember 1977 reasonably well and I can’t remember ever seeing outfits remotely like those! The guy’s hairstyle, yes. The swashbuckler shirts, occasionally. And MAYBE those Burberry wannabes on the cover. But the main features? Eeewwww!!

  • Princess Leia looks like she escaped from a redneck Octoberfest celebration…

  • The dood with the hair is a dead ringer for a Purser on a ferry I used to work on; this was the late 80s, but he still ploughed a by-now lonely fashion furrow. He reprimanded one of the girls for having unkempt (or at least inadequately kempt) hair, and gave this gem of advice- “When I go to sea, I always take two hairdryers, in case one breaks down”.

  • Not only a good hair style. What an excellent moustache can do for you is priceless.

  • This is the clothing that Kevin Kelly and Stacy London have been waging war on for a decade.

    • Those two should redo themselves before giving advice to others. She should never wear green, it makes her look like she’s got jaundice, and his preference for wearing vests with his shirt untucked or suit jackets with jeans makes him look like a total slob.

      I’d rather be made over by the author of this book then either of those two badly dressed ninnies.

    • How about CLINTON Kelly?

  • I kind of like the yellow shoes.

  • Is it weird that I want the barnyard dress? ‘Cause I’d wear the heck outta that thing!

  • While I agree that Princess Leia By Way Of Little House On The Prairie is a bit much I don’t see what’s so wrong about the rest of the outfits. They’re stylish, not showing off “tramp stamps” or men’s boxers. And other then the guy with the hair dryer needing a shave I think he looks quite nice. At least he doesn’t have his hair long and stringy and unwashed like most guys I see.

  • The barn print also came in wallpaper, which we had in our kitchen about the same year.

  • “Help me Obi-Wan, you’re my only hope!”

  • It’s so wrong that they put the African-American girl on the cover in a maid’s outfit.

  • My mom called those hair buns “cootie garages.” My mom was born in 1916, and she knew that this style was dys-fashionable. I wonder if renaissance portraits of ladies sporting the ear rolls also chronicle a major fashion FAIL.

  • Wow! No wonder my mother hid all of the pictures from her teen years! LOL.

    Truth is, in 20 years, I’ll look back at books that were done for the 1990’s-2000’s and say …”Did we really wear that!”

  • I think I’m in love with bike riding George Clooney on the cover.

  • The two guys on the bottom of the last page shown look like they dropped out of the musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

  • tamsyn, i’m with you, i too like that dress. when i was pg with my daughter in 1976, these were the kinds of yardage available in the sears catalogue. i can remember buying a blue print with bumblebees all over it to make a maternity smock. it was probably absolutely hideous but at the time it was wonderful.

  • The ladies in rust have brought back painful memories of working for W.H.Smith in the UK in 1980-82. The nylon pinafore uniforms…shudder. I have a horror of orange to this day.

  • Oh Honey, yes! That babe with the yellow shoes is almost as cool as the little girl with glasses at the airport. (Americans always dress rather oddly anyway.)

    • “Americans always dress rather oddly anyway.”

      Hey, I resemble that remark!

    • We really do dress oddly.

      It’s as if one idea and one only can be present in anyone’s hairstyle (or whatever) at a time. The current straightened hair trend, for example: apparently women are sandblasting their entire heads of hair in an attempt to airbrush reality, rather than just the pictures in their camera. Used in moderation, that might be an interesting technique. But it’s not used in moderation. And the end result is that everyone looks about 10 years older, with their bizarrely flattened ‘do emphasizing any tiny line on their face. That surely cannot be the intended effect. I don’t see women anywhere else doing this horrible thing….

      • I love your comment!
        I have had thick (really thick) wavy hair my whole life. About 3 years ago I was talked into the flattened out hairstyle by some friends who had flattened hair. It looked so RIDICULOUS on me. I hated it. I washed my hair and it still looked horrible.

        It took a while to get my silky waves back and I will never go with a trend again. I love my thick, wavy silky hair.

        And for all those that feel it necessary to fit in…

  • Resa, you’re not far off when you mention IHOP. I briefly waitressed at a Friendly’s in college, and the uniform was just like that, only the dress part was blue-and-white check — very Dorothy Gale. The white apron part always got splattered with salad dressing, soup, chocolate syrup, etc. One night, I accidentally dumped a whole pot of chili on the uniform. Miraculously, it washed out…the wonders of modern double-knit polyester!

  • My mom had upholstered chairs and kitchen curtains that looked like the jacket and dress.

  • Man, Tony Orlando is looking *good*…

  • What’s with all of the beige and plaid? Yikes!
    Looks like The Waltons tv show.

  • To avoid the Americans-dress-oddly charge we are considering making our library clothing-optional