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Living Fully

Living Fully cover

Living Fully
A Guide for Young People with a Handicap, Their Parents, Their Teachers, & Professionals

This is a book of essays with resources for families with handicapped children. It also contains some discussion of job hunting, sex, and independence for the handicapped. Not a bad selection for the 1970s and 80s. The handicaps are not specific, so I have to wonder if the advice is too generic.

Special education has changed so much since the 1970s that this book is beyond outdated. Of course an education collection or archive might find this useful, but otherwise all others can weed it.


Living Fully back cover

For the people who have handicaps

preparing yourself for the world of work

2 Responses to Living Fully

  • Forty years later, these “young people” are nearly ready to collect social security. 1975 is before handicapped parking spaces, for Pete’s sake! I’d opt for something updated.

  • If it’s American (written or focused), handicapped and before the ADA (1991), update/discard.