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Live to be 100

live to be 100

How to Live to Be 100 – Or More: The Ultimate Diet, Sex, and Exercise Book
George Burns

This book should have been weeded by the owning library because 13 pages are missing from the middle of it.  Darn it, I wanted to read about how George Burns does side bender exercises!  Mr. Burns is drinking a martini and/or smoking a cigar in many of the photos in this book.  Our anonymous library cataloged this in the 613’s with the subject headings “aged — care and hygiene,” “exercise for the aged,” and “longevity.”  When he died in 1996, should the book have been moved to another section? Just wondering.


17 Responses to Live to be 100

  • I agree this should be weeded, but George Burns did live to be 100!

  • I’m wondering if you think the book should have been in the humor number in the 800s or if has enough advice to really fit into the 613 area?

    (I’m too nerdy for words.)

    • I was thinking the same thing! And I am too nerdy for words and so is Holly. In fact she is worse! 🙂

  • I’m with the others. If it is a humor book, great. I’d love to read more Burns. If it’s full of practical advice on what he did to make a 100, well heck, I’ll take it.

    I am entirely sure that had he not fallen, he would have made it to 149. Don’t know why that number, but it seems right.

  • My god, this is a beautiful site. I’m thrilled that it exists.

  • That’s a great discussion point, Kate, and exactly why I mentioned possibly moving it to another subject area. It is a really funny book! I browsed through it and was cracking up. I think it was a stretch to call it a health book, even in its day, so 613 doesn’t seem right. Yes, I think I’d go with an 800 number in the humor section.

  • A worldcat link on these entries would give a sense of just how much weeding is prudent …. presumably you want to have at least a couple of copies within the system 😉

    Incidentally, you can get a sense of its subject distribution at


  • Having been a public library page in the 1980’s it’s fascinating how many of these books I actually recognize from when they were legitimate circulating members of the collection! Good Times!

  • The cigar makes it so much better than it already is… haha

  • Oh, my gosh. My mom owned this book.

  • I still miss this wonderful fella.

    I agree: if those pages weren’t missing, you could relocate the book to the 800s.

  • Making fun of dead people for not being like us! What a charming idea! Hey, how about that Abraham Lincoln guy! Stovepipe hat! Chopped down trees, didn’t even use a chain saw! And you should have seen him try to dance! We must be the coolest generation ever!

  • We had this book! It was a free gift when we bought something from Best. I think we bought a coffeemaker, but being like, 8 at the time, I don’t remember.

  • I’m going to start smoking cigars.