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Lisa’s Parents Fight

Lisa's Parents Fight coverLisa’s Parents Fight

Looking for a cute bedtime story for the kids? Here you go! You might recognize the author: one of our favorites and creator of this site’s best post to date: Satan for Kids (and the companion follow up post, Satan for Kids part 2). In this story, Lisa is in a real situation with her siblings. Lisa’s step dad (it is always a STEP!) seems to have a problem with his temper. He complains about the cost of kids (I confess I have complained A LOT about that too.) He watches TV (whoops, I do that too).  By the end of the book, Step Dad decides he does have a problem (it is a miracle!) and the kids eat some McDonald’s carry out. This book is awful on so many levels, I don’t know where to begin.


Lisa's Parents Fight back cover

Screaming and hitting

Kids cost too much

kids are the problem

parents fighting

13 Responses to Lisa’s Parents Fight

  • “I’m all right. it’s you kids who have a problem!” I don’t know any parent with older children who
    has not said those words. The illustrations are shadowy and creepy. I’t is pretty awful, but ” Don’t
    Make Me Go Back, Mommy!’ is deserving of the Most Awful Library Book EVER!!! award.

  • Looks like it’s Lisa who’s the one that the step dad has the problem with – she looks different from the other two – who are probably “dad’s”. Or so it looks to me… The fundamentalists who write these sort of books have no idea what real people go through or how they deal with difficulty without “religion”.

  • I wonder how McDonald’s feels about being associated with this book?

  • @Kathy – The problem isn’t religion, it’s the people. As my mom said when I told her about the fundamentalists picking ComicCon, “Those people don’t believe in God, they think they ARE God.”

  • Turning to God is the best way,but they often seem to mis-portray things.

  • Turning to God is “a” way that works for many, but it is certainly not the best way. I prefer not to believe in God, but I wouldn’t say that was the best way either.

  • Whenever there’s a book like this I always find myself hating the children.

  • So I looked up some more of Doris Sanford’s books on Amazon, and a lot of her books have been tagged “lies” and “propaganda.” Even the ones that deal with child molestation and concentration camps. Strangely enough, there seem to be an awful lot of people buying her books.

  • Yeah, a Happy Meal always makes everything alright for children, doesn’t it?

  • What is with the “Please stop screaming! Hit me instead!”????? Jumping Junipers….(which is not what I am really thinking here). HOW does this horrid and dangerous stuff get published, little less purchased and retained? Ranting & ranting.

  • Is it just me, or is the mother smacking the father in the final, “happy” illustration? Either that, or picking his nose for him. Either way, his body language suggests he’s a little taken aback.

  • Ugh, the second I saw that cover I knew EXACTLY who wrote it! Stop posting her books, it’s traumatising me 🙂 Some things are just too awful for Awful Library Books.