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Like Love Lust coverLike, Love, Lust: A View of Sex and Sexuality

Submitter: My local public library has three copies of this 1980 love advice book in their system.  All 3 copies are in the juvenile collections. So much of this book references current 1980’s topics, or recent stories in the news, that I would be surprised if any young adult would know what they were talking about. Anita Bryant being a good example. There are parts of this book that are still vaguely current, but plenty that are out of date.  A few of the gems from this  book are:
Pg. 29 – “Remember that a man’s name is to him the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”
Pg. 40-41 Guessing who might be a Homosexual.
Pg. 50 – Talking about orange juice siren, Anita Bryant.

Holly:What is it about books in this category that makes librarians not want to weed? The examples in this book are so out of date, as Submitter points out. Attitudes toward sex have changed even since 1980, so books in this category should really reflect the current era. About ten years is all you can realistically expect to get out of books like this. Maaaaybe 20, but definitely not 36.


Like Love Lust contents


Like Love Lust excerpt on homosexuality




  1. I had to google Anita Bryant. That’s right folks, I’m a 34 year old librarian and her wikipedia page was news to me. Kids these days neither know nor care.

    1. “Miss Anita get behind us,
      We don’t need the Citrus Gang to guide us
      In the way we should go.

      ‘Cause we do love one another
      As the Good Lord bade us do,
      Though it gets a little arduous loving you.”

      Reynolds, Malvina (1977). Love Somebody [Recorded by Ginni Clemmens]. On Gay and Straight Together. Chicago, IL: Open Door Records / Folkways Records (1980).

  2. It needs to be weeded if only for the “Public opinion polls have demonstrated time and again that the majority of U.S. citizens feel homosexuals ought to be punished for homosexual acts…” Clearly, and thankfully, the majority no longer believes this way. And, even if a minority does, the laws are getting it right, at last.

    And, really? “… prostitution is not a particularly savory business”? Because a crazy mom murders her daughter to keep her from it, and even the state’s attorney let it slide?

    I wouldn’t want my daughter being a prostitute, even a professional, legal, prostitute. But, the claim that the “VD” rate in Nevada is high is no longer correct. Workers there are required by law to wear condoms, and are tested weekly. Recent studies show the infection rate is “negligible.”

    Any book that has out of date statistics needs to be weeded. I believe it’s particularly important if the book is in a YA collection, because it may be used for research and reports (if the students don’t stick to the Internet!).

  3. Besides Anita Bryant’s towards homosexuality, what strikes me is the fact that she is a DREADFUL singer!

  4. “Remember that a man’s name is to him the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

    Not if it’s followed by, “You conceited, arrogant jackass”…

  5. “Remember that a man’s name is to him the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

    Am I the only one here who associates being called by my name primarily with my boss and my mother, and therefore do not find it especially amenable to sexytimes.

  6. My resolution is to weed this book in 2016. I’ve kept it because (thankfully!) teachers require a variety of resources including print. Over the years, students have chosen to research the topic of prostitution, and this book has saved a few bibliographies! Sad but true. I’ve got a few replacement titles on my wish list.

  7. The pages on being gay were actually quite impressive for 1980, but of course are drastically out of date for now.

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