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Lights, Camera, Action!

See Inside
A Television Studio

Forget the TV studio, who’s the groovy band playing? Looks like a set from some of those variety shows of the 1970s. For 1977, this was probably a good choice for a juvenile nonfiction collection, 2016 probably not so much.


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5 Responses to Lights, Camera, Action!

  • The reel-to-reel tape alone marks this as a resource for, say, a historical fiction writer, not for people wanting to actually learn about TV.

  • Keep -> in Ancient History 😉

  • Last page – CGI wasn’t up to much back then, was it?

  • They’re broadcasting Henrik Ibsen? Some things never change.

  • Wait! This is part of a series and we still have “See inside a Roman Town” because it features transparent overlays. I would LOVE to see the overlay spread for TV studio (with all the outmoded giant equipment)! My favorite part of our cheap nosebleed seats at the Rolling Stone concert was their location slightly behind Jagger, so I could watch all the backstage activity!