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careers in a library-cover

Careers in a Library
Rebecca Anders

Don’t you want to become a Librarian after seeing this book? Young minds are SURE to want a piece of the library action!  ALA has spent too much time and money trying to advocate for librarians and libraries for one public library to ruin the profession with this book.  Seriously – this is so far from what a career in a library is really about that they’re actually damaging the profession by having this book on the shelves.

I did enjoy the fashion flash-back, though.




This is an Acquisitions Libarian!
This is an Acquisitions Librarian!
An Audiovisual Aid
An Audiovisual Aid
And the best of all...Computer Operator
And the best of all…Computer Operator

15 Responses to Library Advocacy

  • That book is lovely! This book is as old as I am and I am tempted to think it was written for me, but it didn’t deter me form getting my MLS!

  • Hey! The librarian on the cover of this book is Jerry Blue, a librarian with Hennepin County!

  • That’s old school!

  • hey, mpls librarian, thanks for the update! i was checking the comments, ’cause i was gonna guess that the cover guy had *quit* by now. glad he didn’t!

  • This is part of a series – I actually BOUGHT Careers in a Bank at a “get-rid-of-our-old-books” sale at a Chicago Public Library. It was old school and a hoot! Minneapolis Librarian – you’d be interested to know that “Careers in a Bank” photos were taken at the old Northwestern National Bank in Minneapolis before it burned in the early ’80s. (I’m a transplanted Minneapolitan)

  • I want to operate a computer too!

  • My this is taking me back done Memory Lane; yes I am still a working Librarian a testimony to our profession. I’m a lot grayer (my hair) and a new book is needed. I just what to say Librarians Rock.

  • Actually, that stuff looks kind of cool. I want to be a librarian! Wait, I am going to be a librarian.

    I guess maybe this one should go to special collections :O)

  • Are Acquisitions Libarians different from regular librarians?

  • They look like swingers

  • Fantastic! I haven’t Lol’ed so much at any web funnies in ages – it was the ‘Happy Halloween’ signage that did it.

  • This looks great. It makes me want to become a librarian, for sure.

  • Wow, is that an IMSAI 8080?